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  • BAM - Design for BAS Professionals - Digital Delivery
  • BAM - Design for BAS Professionals - Digital Delivery
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Design for BAS Professionals

Format: Online and On Demand | Length: ~10 Hours

Rejected submittals, unclear installation instructions, material overruns, and functional test failures. These are clear signs of a failure in the design process.

But the problem is that no one teaches the design process. Because of this each year, thousands of technicians, designers, programmers, and project managers have projects that cost them more to execute then they made on the project.

Having a profitable project is possible. Phil knows because he's run a $60M/yr operations team that was executing 120+ projects at any given time. The challenge is finding someone who can train you on the design process. And he's got great news, Design for BAS Professionals is your answer!

Design for BAS Professionals is an online, self-paced course, where you will learn to create a full-blown controls submittal from scratch. This course is full of templates, checklists, and processes to guide you to successful submittals, that get approved the FIRST TIME!

In Design for BAS Pros you will learn:

  • The four-phase design process that no-one else is teaching, understand this and your designs will always be on time!
  • Exactly where to look for gotchas and landmines in a specification and scope of work.
  • The one simple trick that will make your controller wiring diagrams ridiculously easy to understand
  • The simple step, that when done, will greatly increase your submittal acceptance rate
  • The simple 3 step strategy I use to eliminate redline confusion
  • Futureproof your design abilities by learning how to adjust your designs for the new requirements of IP enabled controls
  • Strategies for working with existing designs, even if you have access to absolutely no documentation
  • The biggest mistake people make when designing to scale and how you can avoid it

Who's this Program For

This program is for building automation technicians, designers, programmers, project managers, and salespersons who are looking to grow their ability to scope and design building automation submittals. This course is also perfect for building operators, specifying engineers, project managers, and any other professional who wants’s to grow in their understanding of how a building automation system is designed.

This course assumes that the student has a working knowledge of Building Automation Systems.

Program Format

  • Lifetime access to the video and audio recordings of the 10 hours of online design training
  • Access to the special live office hours, where you can ask any questions you have about the course (Value$1,200)
  • The course workbook designed to guide you through each individual lesson in the course
  • Powerful fill-in-the-blank templates, includes design templates, checklists, and worksheets (Value $900)
  • Bonus Advanced Design Strategies Module (Value $297)
  • A Certificate of Completion (awarded at training completion)

Your Instructor

His name is Phil Zito and he is going to provide you and your team the training that you need to help you grow your business and succeed even more in the world of Building Automation.

His backstory: He started back in 2007 with no knowledge of BAS. He got let go from my first job in BAS and fought his way back into the field within two weeks. He knows what it's like to struggle with learning BAS while working a full-time job.

But here's the deal. From that point on he dedicated myself to mastering BAS.

Through the help of some great mentors and many, many long nights of self-study he taught myself BAS, IT, and Systems integration. Over the course of 10 years he went from a struggling technician to, leading a $60M dollar branch with 22 techs and project managers, and before he resigned to start Building Automation Monthly he was leading the technical systems integration program at Johnson Controls for a $250M line of business.

He knows exactly what you need to know and he has the field experience to back it up!

"Everyone is capable of succeeding in Building Automation. All you need is the right guide to show you the way and point out the landmines along the path. I am that guide." - Phil Zito

How Online Training Works

  • Easy-to-view modules. He came from the field, he knows how things are. This online course was recorded with you in mind. You will be able to access each lesson via the course site. And to make things even better you can download the audio and video of each course so you can learn whether your sitting in traffic or on the bucket!
  • Lifetime Access to Online/On-demand training. Students can experience the program at any desired pace. For example, students might view the course all in one sitting or one lesson each night. Since the course is self-paced your learning can fit your lifestyle. Just try to find this flexibility anywhere else, trust us you won’t.
  • Exactly What You Need to Know, No More, No Less. He's spent over 150+ hours crafting this course to teach you exactly what you need to know about building automation. There is zero-fluff, zero-wasted time, and 100% learning.
  • Certificate of Completion. Students who complete all 15 modules of the training course and pass a final exam will receive a Certificate of Completion. Our Online Learning Management System allows students to easily track their progress, and resume right where they left off, to facilitate an effective and enjoyable online learning experience.
  • Ongoing “live” office hours. You will have full access to live office hours where you and fellow students can pop in and ask any questions you want. You’ll also be able to access the recordings of all the past office hour sessions.
  • Cost-effective as well as time-efficient. The tuition for this online course is just $1999 per person, which includes all the benefits outlined above. If you tried to learn everything you learn the fundamentals of BAS you would spend 10’s of thousands traveling to different classes and would miss months of work.
  • Terms. Registrants for this course are purchasing an individual, single-user, license to view the online course. Multiple individuals may view the online course in a group setting provided that each person in the group has properly registered and paid for an individual license to view this course.

Terms of Use

Registrations for this training are single-user only. For assistance registering a group, contact Phil at (262) 342-6172 or





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