E Series Selection Guide

E Series Selection Guide

E-Series bx Compact Thermal Camera

Meet the Features that Make E-Series bx Unparalleled

FLIR E-Series bx touchscreen

The Best Value in Thermal Imaging and Digital Camera Resolution Flir has Ever Offered.

With up to 76,800 pixels at 320 × 240 resolution, FLIR E-Series gives you the best point & shoot thermal imaging resolution at its price-point. That means excellent temperature measurement accuracy so you can scan for potential problems quickly, safely, and from farther away. Real-time imaging at 60 Hz lets you capture moving components and dynamic events that 9 Hz cameras miss. And a built-in 3 megapixel digital camera produces the clearest visible light reference pictures in its class for complete and detailed documentation. Watch it all come alive.

E-Series Puts Touchscreen Tools at Your Fingertips for Fast, Professional Analysis.

The E-Series touchscreen gives you easy access to all the analytics tools you need with an intuitive user interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5" display. Use it to add up to 3 moveable spots, perfect for analyzing a 3-phase electrical problem. Watch it auto-calculate a temperature delta so you'll know immediately how critical a problem is. Fine-tune the temperature range and image. Choose the right color palette to enhance your findings. And blend thermal and visible light images for easy, clear location referencing. See the E-Series in action when the fingers start flying.

Industry-First Wi-Fi Connectivity Speeds Up Analysis, Reporting, and Sharing.

FLIR leads the way with forward-thinking Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Just download the new FLIRViewer app from the Apple Store and you're ready to import images from the camera. No bulky laptops to lug, cables to connect, or SD cards to swap. Add more box areas and moveable spots. Further fine-tune the images. Generate comprehensive reports. And share critical information immediately with decision makers on-site or by e-mail. See how E-Series Wi-Fi connectivity can help boost your productivity and credibility.


MeterLink Devices Re-enforce E-Series bx IR Measurements.

Be sure you make the right call with the help of MeterLink-enabled test and measurement instruments. Wirelessly transmit vital diagnostic data from Extech clamp and moisture meters directly to the camera and get critical readings for annotating thermal images to further support findings and decisions. Watch how easy it is to make the connection.

FLIR E-Series bx Meterlink

FLIR E40bx
FLIR E40bx
FLIR E50bx
FLIR E50bx
FLIR E60bx
FLIR E60bx
Thermal sensitivity (N.E.T.D)<0.045°C at 30°C<0.045°C at 30°C<0.045°C at 30°C
Detector Type - Focal plane array; (FPA) uncooled microbolometer160 x 120 pixels240 x 180 pixels320 x 240 pixels
MSX® Thermal Image EnhancementYesYesYes
Picture-in-Picture (P-i-P)Fixed P-i-PScalable P-i-PScalable P-i-P
MPEG 4 Video RecordingYesYesYes
Video Camera w/Lamp & Laser3.1MP/LED Lamp/Laser Pointer3.1MP/LED Lamp/Laser Pointer3.1MP/LED Lamp/Laser Pointer
Digital Zoom2X Continuous4X Continuous4X Continuous
Image modesThermal, Image Gallery, VisualThermal, Image Gallery, VisualThermal, Image Gallery, Visual
Image annotationVoice (60s)/Text CommentsVoice (60s)/Text CommentsVoice (60s)/Text Comments
Moveable Spot3 Spotmeters3 Spotmeters3 Spotmeters
Area Box3 Area Boxes
(full image with min/max/avg)
3 Area Boxes
(full image with min/max/avg)
3 Area Boxes
(full image with min/max/avg)
Delta TYesYesYes
Data Communication InterfaceUSB-mini, USB-A, CompositeVideo, Bluetooth, Wi-FiUSB-mini, USB-A, CompositeVideo, Bluetooth, Wi-FiUSB-mini, USB-A, CompositeVideo, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Temperature range-4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C)
Frame Rate60Hz
Field of view / Focus25° x 19° / Manual (Minimum focus distance 1.3ft/0.4m)
Spectral range7.5 to 13μm
DisplayBuilt-in 3.5" color LCD
Image Storage>1000 radiometric JPEG images (SD card memory)
Laser Classification/TypeClass 2/Semiconductor AlGalnP Diode Laser: 1mW/635nm (red)
Set-up controlsMode selector, color palettes, configure image info, units, language, date and time formats, and image gallery
Measurement modesAuto hot/cold spot, Isotherm (above/below/interval), insulation and humidity alarms
Measurement CorrectionReflected ambient temperature & emissivity correction
Battery Type/Operating TimeLi-lon/ >4 hours, Display shows battery status
Charging systemIn camera AC adapter/2 bay charging system
Shock/Vibration/Drop/ Encapsulation; Safety25G, IEC 60068-2-29/ 2G, IEC 60068-2-6/ Drop-proof 2m (6.6ft) / IP54; EN/UL/CSA/PSE 60950-1
Dimensions/Weight9.7x3.8x7.2" (246x97x184mm)/<1.82lbs (825g), including battery