NAVAC NRP6DV Vacuum Pump

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  • NAVAC NRP6DV Vacuum Pump
  • NAVAC NRP6DV Vacuum Pump
  • NAVAC NRP6DV Vacuum Pump
Discontinued - See "NRP6Di" for replacement


NAVAC NRP6DV Vacuum Pump

Brushless DC-driven 6 CFM Vacuum Pump Weighting only 25.4 lbs.

  • Industry first Brushless DC inverter-driven vacuum pump provides high-efficiency and one of the lightest vacuum pumps in its class. It saves energy and makes it easy to carry. Despite of its light weight, this vacuum pump is nonetheless powerful with twin-cylinder ensuring best-in-class ultimate vacuum at 15 Microns.

Built-in Solenoid Valve and Manifold Gauge

  • The automatic solenoid valve prevents oil back and reduces vacuum decay during a power outage or accidental shut off. It is particularly useful when an extended evacuation is needed for deep vacuum or large HVAC systems with long pipe lines, so that whatever vacuum level achieved before the power outage would be largely preserved.
  • Built-in manifold gauge, with both inHg and mmHg readings, convenient, precise and easy-to-read.

This product comes with other features and benefits, such as large oil tank at 20 oz capacity extending usage time between the oil changes, Recessed power switch protecting it from tripping and rain, and gas ballast for evacuating systems with high moisture content.


Flow Rate 6 CFM
Ultimate Vacuum 15 Micron
Pump Design Dual stage
Motor Power 3/4 HP
Inlet Ports 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2"
Oil Capacity 20 oz
Dimensions 14â—Š5.3â—Š11.9 in.
Weight 25.35 lbs.




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