TTT Rapid Evac (TM) Kit with Fittings, Core Tools and Bag

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The TTT Rapid Evac (TM) Evacuation Rig with Bag (Made and assembled in the USA!)

If you read nothing else but this......

A proper and quick evacuation requires the right hoses, connectors, assembly lube, core tools and a quality micron gauge. The problem is none of these components are available in a single kit from a single manufacturer until now. We went back to the basics, if you cannot buy it build it, so that is exactly what we did. The TTT evacuation rig contains all of he hard to find components required to evacuate systems in record times plus specialty plugs and fittings to keep things clean and easily adapt them to any vacuum pump.

How do you make a great evacuation rig?

  1. Eliminate as many fittings as possible.
  2. Pull vacuum cores during evacuation
  3. Use large diameter hoses for evacuation and evacuate from both sides of the system
  4. Make sure all components are vacuum rated, tight and properly assembled.
  5. Have provisions to isolate the evacuation rig for pressure rise testing.
  6. Keep everything clean dry and tight.

NEVER evacuate through a charging manifold! Even if it has a 3/8" evacuation port! One of the poorest practices you can have when evacuating is pulling through a charging manifold, second only to using 1/4" hoses. Put them together and you are adding hours to your job every day. Manifolds and hoses leak. Not only do they leak, they create unneeded restrictions and offer no valve to the evacuation process. In case you are wondering, having a micron gauge in the manifold is just plan a bad idea.

Does "vacuum rated" make a difference?

Absolutely! When evacuating a system, leaks are the enemy. Even the smallest leak in a refrigeration system or the evacuation rig can cause hours of frustration. Every try to suck soda through a cracked straw? Why does the soda not come out of the cup? Simple, the vacuum will break and pull in air where ever there is a leak. If that leak is in your core tools, hoses or manifold you can bet for sure you are not pulling the air and moisture from the system.The core tools and all of the hoses in this kit are vacuum rated and vacuum certified down to 20 microns!

What are the components used for?

  • Core Tools: Valve cores create a very large restriction when present in a refrigeration system to proper evacuation. Removal of the valve cores significantly decreases the time required for evacuation. Appion core tools are vacuum rated at 20 microns and have a side access port for installation of the micron gauge.
  • MegaFlow Hoses: Appion 1/2" diameter vacuum rated hoses are low gas permeability and very flexible. We found the 6' length was a good compromise between convenience and speed.
  • Carry Bag to keep everything together, clean, and convenient
  • Nylog for a leak free assembly
  • Brass vacuum gauge adapter to isolate all hoses from the system during pressure testing
  • Plugs and Caps to protect o-rings and seals from dirt and other contamination



  • (2) Appion MegaFlow Hoses - 1/2” Dia. Hose, 6-foot, 3/8”FL to 1/4”FL Black
  • (1) Appion 6-inch Hose, 1/2” Dia., 1/2”FL to 1/2”FL Black
  • (1) Appion 6-inch Hose, 1/2” Dia., 1/2”FL to 3/8”FL Black
  • (1) Brass Vacuum Gauge Coupler
  • (2) Nylog Blue
  • (2) Nylog Red
  • (2) Appion MegaFlow Vacuum Rated Valve Core Removal Tools - 1/4” System Connection
  • (1) Brass Tee - 3/8" x 1/2"
  • (2) 1/4" Brass Plugs
  • (3) 3/8" Brass Plugs
  • (2) 1/2" Brass Plugs
  • (2) 3/8" Brass Caps
  • (1) Plastic Storage Tote
  • (1) Klein Tools 55469 Tradesman Pro Wide-Open Tool Bag



Need a more in depth primer on vacuum?

Check out our "Vacuum Training" Page

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Appion 1 Year Waranty Info

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