TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer with Differential Manometer and Printer Kit

  • TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer with Differential Manometer and Printer Kit
  • TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer with Differential Manometer and Printer Kit
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TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer with Differential Manometer and Printer Kit

Easy, Affordable & Remote Operation!

The TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer is a state of the art, easy to use analyzer designed not only to display and calculate the required readings from a flue but also to cover most of the other measurements associated with combustion.The instrument is ruggedly constructed and comes with a 3 Year unitand 2 Year sensor Guarantee. The TPI 709 combustion analyzer uses state of the art electrochemical sensors. This sensor technology provides the longest lasting, most accurate and reliable means for performing combustion tests. The sensors in your analyzer will need to be replaced periodically and calibration is recommended once every year. The 709 will remind you when calibration is due by flashing "CAL DUE Err" for three seconds at start up. Electrochemical sensors by nature are always active. Therefore the time the analyzer is off and not being used must be taken into account when determining sensor life. The sensors in your analyzer are warranted for two years. This warranty does not cover sensors damaged through misuse of the analyzer. You should keep the batteries of your 709 fresh so power is constantly being supplied to your sensors.


  • Calculates combustion efficiency
  • Pump driven for fast response
  • Will not shut off if 15 ppm CO is present for increased safety
  • Optional A740 IR printer available for hard copies of test results
  • Built-in differential thermometer
  • Store function to save up to 50 readings
  • Push on fittings for fast and easy use
  • Large easy to read backlit display
  • Ten selectable fuels


Carbon Monoxide (CO) Measurement Range 0 to 10,000 ppm
Resolution 1 ppm
Accuracy +/-5ppm or 5% of reading whichever is greater
Oxygen (02) Measurement Range 0 to 25%
Resolution 0.1%
Accuracy ±0.3%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Range 0 to 25%
Resolution 0.1%
Calculated Value
Temperature Measurement Range -40 to 1472°F, or -40 to 800°C
Resolution 1°F or °C
Accuracy (K-type) ±0.3%, ±2°F or ±1°C
Draft/Pressure Measurement Selectable Ranges mBar,kPa, and inH2O
Ranges -150 mBar to +150 mBar -15 kPa to +15 kPa -60
inH2O to +60 in H20
Resolution 0.001 inH2O
Accuracy ±0/5% fsd
Gross/Net Efficiency Range 0 to 100%
Resolution 0.1%
Calculated Value
CO/CO2 Ratio Range 0 to 0.999
Resolution 0.001
Calculated Value
Operating Temperature 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
Battery Type 1.5V AA (3)
Selectable Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
Display Type Backlit 3 line LCD
Data Storage 50 Locations
Data Logging N/A
Print Capability Yes (Printer Included)
PC Communication N/A
Date and Time Function 24 Hour Real Time Clock
Dimensions 200mm x 90mm x 60mm
Weight 500g


  • (1) TPI 709 Flue Gas Analyzer
  • (1) Rubber Boot
  • (1) Soft Carrying Case
  • (1) Flue Sampling Probe
  • (1) In-Line Filter assembly installed on Flue probe
  • (1) Temperature Probe
  • (1) Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly and spare filters
  • (1) Exhaust Spigot (removable)
  • (1) Infrared printer


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