Veto Pro Pac KP-LC Van or Shop Wall Organizer

  • Veto Pro Pac KP-LC Van or Shop Wall Organizer
  • Veto Pro Pac KP-LC Van or Shop Wall Organizer
Price: $109.95


Veto Pro Pac KP-LC Van or Shop Wall Organizer

The KP-LC is a smaller version of the KP-XL, designed to accommodate tools and accessories that secures to truck doors, cages or shop walls.


  • 13 vertical pockets
  • Propane tank pocket
  • Stainless steel tape measure clip
  • Grommeted attachment points
  • Double layer, reinforced polyester canvas pockets
  • PE Board backer panel
  • 5 year limited warranty


Weight (empty) 3 lbs
Height 32 in
Depth 3 in
Width 13 in
Warranty 5 year limited


  • (1) Veto Pro Pac KP-LC Van or Shop Wall Organizer



Veto Pro Pac Tool Bags Product Care and Maintenance

Keep the Zippers Clean & Lubricated

Over time, dirt and grit will “clog” the zipper coils preventing them from staying closed. To keep this from happening, clean and lubricate your zippers twice a year (more often if you work on a job site with a high amount of airborne debris). To clean the coils: Scrub them with soapy water; a tooth brush works very well. After scrubbing the coils, blow them out with an air hose to dislodge any other fine grit that didn’t dislodge with the brush. To lubricate the coils: Apply a silicone spray, beeswax or a zipper lubricant.

Protect the Zippers From Sharp Objects and/or Excessive Heat

Any sharp object or heat source is capable of permanently damaging the zippers. Once a zipper coil is cut or singed the zipper will not function and in most cases is not repairable. Most of the cut zipper coils we see are the result of sharp tools stored inside the bag with the sharp side facing up. Make sure to keep the sharp edges of your tools facing down in your bag and away from the zipper coils.

Don’t Overstuff the Bag

Overstuffing your tool bag will very likely cause significant stress on the zippers that is above and beyond what the bag was built for and will eventually cause the zipper(s) to separate. If you have to work hard to close your zipper(s), your tool bag is most likely overstuffed… proceed with caution!

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