Refco 4678571 Inverter Check Kit w/ Data Flow Monitor

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  • Refco 4678571 Inverter Check Kit w/ Data Flow Monitor
  • Refco 4678571 Inverter Check Kit w/ Data Flow Monitor
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Refco Inverter Check Kit with Data Flow Monitor

The Inverter Check Kit is an invaluable test kit for the analysis of problems solving with inverter-fed air conditioners. Designed to be used both in installation and maintenance, this kit can indicate correctly operating inverter power stages, as well as the serial-link communication between the condensing unit and the indoor units. This allows the air conditioning engineer to easily identify faults and reduces the time required for analysis and repair.

The kit contains the electronic module with a set of leads as well as a selection of cables. This unit is not a multitester that shows capacity ranges. It uses a series of flashing LEDs to diagnose problems. The inverter test kit performs two functions: 1) the Inverter/ Phase function: it will tell you if the phase outputs of the inverter are operating correctly and 2) the data flow function: to tell you if there is data flowing both ways between the indoor and outdoor units. The kit includes the test module and multiple leads with interchangeable probes and clips for connecting to various inverter terminal configurations.

This unit will work on all inverter A/C s up to 440 volts.




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