Retrotec LS300 Power Tiny Smoke Generator

  • Retrotec LS300 Power Tiny Smoke Generator
  • Retrotec LS300 Power Tiny Smoke Generator
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Retrotec LS300 Power Tiny Smoke Generator

Portable rugged fog machine perfect for air tightness testing.

The POWER-TINY completes the range of the off-mains operated machines perfectly and fills the gap between high flexibility and powerful fog output. A high-output battery-powered fog machine, it's used for air flow and air tightness testing - everywhere where fog is needed quickly and efficiently, the Power-Tiny is the perfect alternative to normal fog generators. Extremely reliable - provides 10 minutes of fogging output from a fully charged battery. The Power-Tiny comes with a battery and battery charger along with a fluid tank and 250 ml of Tiny Fluid, enough fluid for 25 minutes of output. Extra Battery Packs can be purchased and quickly swapped out to instantly provide another 10 minutes of fog power, when you can't wait for a recharge. Due to the heat-up time of only one second the POWER-TINY is ready-to-use on site.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Portable use
  • Heat-up time only one second
  • Light weight, small dimensions
  • Adjustable output
  • 250 hours stand-by time
  • Continuous output
  • Easy handling
  • Control via start button or analog (0 - 12V) and with XLR-remote, radio remote, DMX-converter, Timer
  • Minimal fluid consumption
  • Easy change of the battery pack

250 hours stand-by time

Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary. Thus the operation time is considerably increased - the stand-by time is 250 hours. With one battery 10 minutes of continuous output or up to 150 x 5 seconds bursts can be produced. When the battery is flat it has to be recharged with the supplied charger.

Adjustable output

The output of the POWER-TINY can be adjusted with an adjusting knob. The release button is built into the grip. Thus, a comfortable one-hand operation is possible.

Microprocessor controlled

The heart of this machine is a microprocessor which controls and supervises all important functions. This guarantees a continuous and safe running of the generator.


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  • (1) 250ml Tiny Fluid
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