913-M Wireless Low Pressure Probe

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913-M Wireless Low Pressure Probe

The 913-M Low Pressure Probe for the iManifold can transmit up to (3) points of data including pressure (-14.5 to 232 psig) and up to (2) channels of temperature via two plug-in thermistor temperature probes (not included).

This probe can also function as a Zigbee repeater for other wireless probes to increase overall transmission distance for the iManifold system. The 913-M can be used to calculate evaporator superheat and show box temperature with optional accessory probes, could be used to measure oil pressure or simply used as a low pressure probe for remote measurement.

Use the 913-M with a 914-M (high pressure probe) to monitor an additional compressor or multiple compressors in rack systems.

The probe cannot be used without the iManifold (or iConnect) as the iManifold/ iConnectis the communications hub for interfacing with the smart device application. A maximum of (12) probes can be connected.

Includes (2) AAA batteries*, a 6" long hose (1/4" straight x 1/4" 45 deg)

* Can also be powered by user supplied micro USB power supply.


Q: "Why not get two high pressure probes, instead of a high and low pressure probe?"

A: Because the probe accuracy is rated at a percentage of full range.

When you do not need the range, you can get higher absolute accuracy by reducing it.

Stride does not allow for the temperature probe on the high pressure probe to calculate superheat or for the low pressure to calculate subcooling. The probes have a dedicated purpose.

The mapping of all the probe variables involved would complicate the programming and set up by the end user.





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