Yellow Jacket 69092 Heat Gun Kit 115V

Price: $130.55


Yellow Jacket 69092 Heat Gun Kit 115V

Use for Coil defrosting, Faster vacuums, or Drying out condensation in motors, clutches, etc.

The Yellow Jacket 69092 Heat Gun is very light and easy to use. The heat control allows for low and high working temperature settings of 600° and 1000°F. Designed with a built in stand so it can be positioned in an upright (vertical) position only, on any flat, level surface leaving both hands free. Shockproof and tough housing is durable and lightweight.


  • Speed up evacuation of AC&R systems
  • Thawing metallic water pipes
  • Shrinking PVC shrink-wrap sheeting for packaging protection.
  • Shrinking polyvinyl wire joints.
  • Removing self-adhesive stickers and trim.
  • Thawing frozen door locks, padlocks, etc.
  • Loosening rusted or over tightened nuts and metal screws.
  • Softening old putty before removal and replacement.


Rated Voltage 120 Volts - 60Hz
Heat Settings Low: 600°F, High: 1000°F
Cord Length 6 feet
Approvals UL, CSA


  • (1) Heat Gun
  • (1) Set of Adapters
  • (1) Case
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