Yellow Jacket 77930 Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump

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Yellow Jacket 77930 Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump

High capacity unit for quick charging.

The YELLOW JACKET Max-Flow Deluxe Oil Pump is designed and manufactured to allow technicians to pump oil into the system while the unit is operating. There is no need to shut down the system for charging. Max-Flow Oil Pumps can also be used as transfer oil pumps.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Remove oil for recovery and conversion
  • Add oil to existing systems
  • Pumps 3.8 oz. (112.38 ml) per stroke
  • Fits all size oil containers
  • Foot stand base provides support and leverage while pumping against the high pressures of a running compressor
  • Operating unit in reverse with optional adapter hose accessory removes oil from equipment quickly and efficiently
  • Use with alkyl-benzene, ester-based, polyol ester, mineral and synthetic oils
  • Will pump against 250 psi pressure
  • Made in the USA


Pump Capacity 3.8 oz (112.38 ml) per stroke
Fitting Sizes 3/8" SAE, 1/2" SAE


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