testo 625 Hygrometer with Integral Humidity Probe Head

0563 6251
0563 6251
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  • testo 625 Hygrometer with Integral Humidity Probe Head
  • testo 625 Hygrometer with Integral Humidity Probe Head
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testo 625, humidity/temperature instrument, incl. plug-in humidity probe head, battery and calibration document

The testo 625 is an ideal entry level instrument for IAQ and IEQ measurements of temperature and humidity. Use it to monitor hard-to reach points in AC and heating system ducts, environmental changes in remote rooms or storage areas, anywhere you need to be two places at the same time or only have one hand free to work. The testo 625 temp/RH probe can be used three ways: either attached to the instruments as shown, or connected via a cable or mounted on an optional wireless handle. The clear back-lit display can be switched between relative humidity, wet bulb, and dew point at the touch of a button. Upgradable to wireless with a wireless upgrade kit if desired at a later time.


  • Displays temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature and dewpoint
  • Max - Min values
  • "Hold" button freezes dipslay readings
  • Backlit display
  • Auto Off
  • Optional TopSafe, protects against dirt and impact
  • Patented humidity sensor
  • Guaranteed longterm stability (2 years)
  • Optional TopSafe, protection against dirt and impact




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