About Us


Bill S.

President & CEO, Co-Owner

Eric P.

VP & General Manager, Co-Owner

Josh C.

Technical Sales Manager

Bill S.

Calibrations Manager

Greg B.

Customer Service Manager

Sue B.

Operations Manager

Katrina K.

Purchasing Assistant

Eric K.

Industry Engagement Manager

Ellie D.

Financial Specialist

Josh G.

Assistant Webmaster

Madelyn H.

Customer Service Associate

Casey P.

Customer Service Associate

Jamie P.

Returns Technician

Warren K.

Warehouse Manager

Brandon K.

Warehouse Associate

Cole P.

Warehouse Associate

Andrew P.

Warehouse Associate

Joey P.

Warehouse Associate

William H.

Warehouse Associate

Chris C.

Warehouse Associate - Receiving

Todd N.

Warehouse Associate

Billy S.

Marketing Manager

Michael F.

Marketing Assistant

Hayden S.


TruTech Tools, LTD

Quality Tools. Essential Support.

A sign of a true technician is the quality of their tools and their ability to use them. Beyond owning the best test equipment, we want you to know how, when and where to use it. We believe a trained user makes a better customer and a trained employee is more confident and valuable to the employer.

We look to serving your needs for the best testing equipment available for Contractors & Technicians working in HVAC/R, Building and Home Performance, Facilities and Industrial, or Energy Auditing and Home Inspectors.

Vision: Helping technicians create better environments for people.

Mission: Supplying HVAC & Building Performance tools and best practices

From Humble Beginnings

TruTech Tools was founded as a retirement hobby for James C. Bergmann (Jim Sr.) who worked with his son, James L. Bergmann (Jim, Jr.), in product selection, establishing a website and online advertising.

The company moved out of James Sr.’s bedroom to his converted garage, and in just a couple months to a rented house, then on to an office suite on Swartz Rd where it expanded twice over the years.

Company Story

We are very focused on three groups of people: customers, employees, and vendors. It is only in serving these three groups that we will succeed. We strive to have the best customer experience and in providing clear communication at every step of the process.

When people ask “What do you make at TruTech?” We smile and say, “We make people happy!”.