Bacharach 3015-5714 Charcoal Filter Replacement Kit

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  • Bacharach 3015-5714 Charcoal Filter Replacement Kit
  • Bacharach 3015-5714 Charcoal Filter Replacement Kit
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Bacharach 3015-5714 Charcoal Filter Replacement Kit

For use on PGM-IR probe (P/N 3015-5696) Refrigerant Models only.

During normal operation, the Portable Area Gas Monitor (PAGM) performs a periodic purge cycle. The purge air is scrubbed by the activated carbon inside the charcoal filter. The instrument then resets its 0 ppm setting based on the cleaned air. This kit contains a new charcoal filter. The steps required to replace the charcoal filter are listed below. Note that filter kit 3015-5463 is obsolete.


  1. Ensure that the PAGM is turned off.
  2. Locate and remove the existing charcoal filter which is located in the front pocket of the PAGM cloth carrying case. To disconnect the charcoal filter from the tubing, press the ring surrounding the charcoal filter’s connector inward toward the filter itself while carefully withdrawing the tubing.
  3. Appropriately dispose of the spent charcoal filter.
  4. Attach the new charcoal filter to the tubing.
  5. Place the new charcoal filter and any excess tubing into the front pocket of the carrying case. Any excess tubing length should be inside the carrying case so that there is no slack tubing exposed. Adjust the cable wrap (if applicable) as it passes through the carrying case opening as needed.
  6. Replace the external charcoal filter (P/N 3015-5714) about every 6 months, or when a zero filter fault occurs (fault code <0100>), or after the monitor itself has been exposed to unusually high levels of gas, such as after an evacuation alarm. Simply disconnect the tubing and use the new filter as provided.





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