Hilmor 1948122 9 CFM Vacuum Pump

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  •  Hilmor 1948122 9 CFM Vacuum Pump
  •  Hilmor 1948122 9 CFM Vacuum Pump
  •  Hilmor 1948122 9 CFM Vacuum Pump
  •  Hilmor 1948122 9 CFM Vacuum Pump
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Hilmor 1947970 3 CFM Vacuum Pump

Your days of messing around with clunky, unreliable pumps are over. The first thing you’ll notice is how two durable hoist points allow you to transport your vacuum pump with ease. Simply attach the hilmor HVAC/R Carrying Strap, throw it over your shoulder and get to work. Several innovative features also help make changing oil easier. The front of the pump where the oil is stored is sloped downwards, creating a natural path for oil to drain faster. An oversized sight glass allows oil to be checked easier and an oversized oil fill port makes pouring in new oil easier. These vacuum pumps have been retooled to make evacuation as easy as possible.

Features & Benefits

Hands-Free Carry

Two durable hoist points make transporting the vacuum pump easier. Compatible with the hilmor HVAC/R Carrying Strap.

Drains Oil Quickly

A sloped and channeled housing helps drain oil fast.

Quick, Easy Access

Easy access to a large oil fill port.

Easy To Check Oil

Quickly identify oil level and detect oil contamination through a large sight glass.

Extra Confidence

A blank-off valve isolates the pump from the system for accurate vacuum readings and easy oil change without losing a vacuum.

Prolong Oil Life

Gas ballast removes excess moisture extending the life of the oil.


Item Number 1948122
Product Name Vacuum Pump 9 CFM
Product Description VP9
Model 9 CFM
Stages Two Stage Rotary Vane
Oil Capacity 15 oz.
Motor HP 1 HP.
Ultimate Vacuum 25 Microns
Inlet Tree Fittings 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2"
Product Dimensions Length: 15.75", Width: 5.5", Height: 10.75", Weight: 35.75 lbs.


  • 1948122 5 CFM Vacuum Pump
  • Carrying Strap
  • (1) Quart of Vacuum Pump Oil


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