CPS SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer

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  • AAB SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer
  • AAB SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer
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CPS SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer

The SPM-100 Smartphone Static Pressure Meter is a powerful and accurate dual port manometer that fits in your pocket. The SPM-100 performs all of the functions of traditional handheld dual port manometers plus a many more features and advantages by harnessing the power of smartphone processors. The meter also includes a complimentary app that provides onscreen guidance to assist the user in taking complex measurements.

The SPM-100 connects seamlessly and immediately to smartphones and tablets utilizing Bluetooth Smart technology. Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth LE/Low Energy) connects over 20 times faster than traditional Bluetooth devices without a complicated pairing process and uses a fraction of the power for long battery life.

The SPM-100 walks the user through several tests with onscreen guidance including:

  • Static Pressure
  • Pressure Differential
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Pressure
  • System External Static Pressure

The SPM-100 automatically imports local weather data based on the smart device GPS location to automatically calibrate and improve the accuracy of measurements.


  • Free app that connects the meter to your smartphone
  • Onscreen guidance that makes it easy to take accurate readings
  • Rugged housing with magnetic back for hands-free operation
  • Emails professional detailed reports from within the app to enhance professionalism and validate work performed


Technical Data:

  • Operational temperature range: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Operational temperature range full accuracy: -32°F to +149°F (0°C to +65°C) Power: Panasonic 3.6V, CR 2450 Coin Cell Lithium Battery
  • Battery Life: >500 hours
  • Auto power off 30 seconds after closing or minimizing app or no connection Units of Measure: inWC, inHg, psi, mmWC, mmHg, Pa, kPa, mBar Resolution: 0.004 inWC Pressure range: ±75 inWC
  • Dual Ports for rubber tubing 1/8" ID
  • Absolute Accuracy 0 to 65°C (32 to149°F): typical .4 inWC

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Weight: .1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.3" x 2.4" x 0.76" HWD



Software / App

Works with all Apple iPhone 4S and newer, iPads Generation 3 and newer operating on iOS 6.0 and above.

Works with any Bluetooth Smart compatible Android Smartphone or tablet with operating system 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer. To see if an Android device is Bluetooth Smart compatible click HERE

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