Testo 605-H1 Humidity Stick with Dewpoint Calc.

0560 6053
0560 6053
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  • Testo 605-H1 Humidity Stick with Dewpoint Calc.
  • Testo 605-H1 Humidity Stick with Dewpoint Calc.
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testo 605, the humidity measurement stick you can bend. Small, compact and accurate. The sensor remains stable in the long term guaranteeing accurate results even after years of use. You get dry bulb, dew point or relative humidity with the push of a button! Use for humidity checks and determination of areas where water is likely to condense. The 605-H1 will never run out of distilled water because it is not required, and the measurement is not air velocity dependent, so the readings will always be accurate. The 5" long probe allows for easy insertion into a duct, wall section or crawl space, for an easy and fast measurement.

  • Worldwide patented, accurate and long-term stable Testo humidity sensor
  • With dew-point calculation
  • Humidity measurement
  • Dry-bulb measurement
  • Attached by clip to breast pocket
  • User-friendly (one button operation)
  • Humidity sensor is not damaged by water saturation
  • Auto OFF function
  • A quick twist and the humidity sensor is protected by the attached cap
  • Swivel head, patented





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