Implementing an HVAC Marketing Plan

Nowadays, every company needs a solid marketing strategy to make themselves known to the prospective customer in the first place. Especially for an HVAC company, there is a lot of competition in the market and the right marketing plan not only helps the business stay afloat but also fuels growth and yields profit. 

This makes it important to devise and thereafter execute a marketing plan. So here’s a comprehensive HVAC marketing plan for your business that you could follow:

  • Using Social Media

This is the most basic aspect of any marketing plan in the present world. Almost everyone is there on some kind of social media site. This is why it becomes important to leverage such a powerful medium of marketing. If wanted, with a pinch of humor, you can make your brand known in every continent of the world and not just your city or state.

We suggest making an account on Instagram and Facebook and start posting content that you would like to see from a brand yourself. Many small businesses, in the quest of staying relevant post incessantly on their social media accounts, which not only deters prospective customers but even their existing customers. 

So instead, create posts that add value to the life of a customer, or in general, a person browsing these social media sites. You can post facts about Air conditioners or any hilarious historical instances which contributed to the development of the HVAC business. Just refrain from wishing people ‘Happy New Year’ and the likes and you’ll be fine. 

  • Hire Influencers

In this age of information technology, influencers impact the world of eCommerce to a great extent. An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decision of someone. As an HVAC company, you can hire someone influential to promote your products and your company’s sales and service requests would grow by leaps and bounds. 

While searching an influencer for a clothing brand or technological product is easier, searching one for an HVAC company would be a difficult task. We suggest conducting good research and hiring someone whose personality supports the idea of your company and things that your company is dealing with.

  • Take Advantage of the seasonality

The seasonal factors affect HVAC companies by a great margin. For example, HVAC companies typically see a host of service requests just before the summer season, and the same happens before the onset of the winter season as well. 

We suggest using Facebook Ads and the retargeting feature to cast your company’s advertisements at an appropriate time. The algorithm would target those people who seem to wish to avail the services of an HVAC professional. You can target those people who show interest by visiting some specific page or website of yours. 

  • Build your own Website

It’s clear and simple; websites are affordable, easy to set up, give a professional tinge, and make you money. The upfront investment in setting up a website is quite low and you can reap benefits in numerous ways if your company has a functional website. Not only it gives a professional and institutionalized view of your business from an outsider’s perspective but also helps in better marketing of your company. 

  • Write Blogs on your website

You have created a website? That’s great! But now you need to put up valuable content regularly to drive traffic. Focus on the word ‘valuable’ as this is the sole determiner in bringing people to your website. 

Write some blogs yourself or better, hire a content writer, and ask him to write blogs on topics related to HVAC. You can choose topics such as ‘Which AC is the best in xyz price range’, ‘Things to look for when buying a new Furnace this winter’ and so on. 

It’s important to know that just writing blogs wouldn’t be enough and special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would have to be paid, too. Most probably your content writer will be aware of this term but if they aren’t, then consult with an SEO specialist to tweak these aspects. This would give good visibility to your website and gradually drive crowds and in turn customers to your website. 

  • Make a LinkedIn Page or Profile

As of 2020, LinkedIn is like a gold mine. Unlike other platforms which are built for sharing your life events and happenings, this platform is specifically made for everything business, jobs, and professional world. There exists huge potential in this platform to skyrocket the reach of your business. We suggest making a page of your company and a personal account of yourself as an owner of the company. 

Now all you have to do is start posting regular updates from the company’s page. Make sure the posts are valuable and add value to the lives of people. Another thing you have to do is create a personal brand of your own, as an owner. 

Share your experiences of working as an entrepreneur and use the power of emotions to drive people to your company. You can subtly promote your company by creating meaningful posts. We suggest hiring a content creator who could create content for you to post on social media. 

  • Use Traditional modes of Marketing, too

While automated emails have made saying ‘Thank you’ to clients easier, sending a traditional postcard for the same purpose would land your company’s impression in a different ballpark altogether. In the same way, taking recourse to traditional modes of marketing is beneficial when it can cause tangible and long term benefits. We suggest using your acumen to distinguish the situations where you should go traditional. 

Parting Notes

We hope you found the above points helpful for the HVAC marketing plan. At Tru Tech Tools, we believe in sharing the wisdom that we have acquired in the course of our business journey. We suggest browsing through our store for the best refrigeration and heating tools and supplies. 

For more information, kindly visit our website or contact our experienced staff. We will get back to you right away.

25th Jul 2023 TruTech Tools, LTD

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