HVACR Training Symposium 2024 Recap

HVACR Training Symposium 2024 Recap

February 15th, 2024

HVACR Training Symposium 2024: Advancing HVAC/R Knowledge with TruTech Tools

2024's HVAC School HVACR Training Symposium was another installment in a fantastic annual training conference. Held in Clermont Florida, 300 attendees network and learn from the best. With over 40 classes and some of the top minds in HVAC, this annual virtual and in-person event is can't miss material.
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Industry leaders and attendees engaged in educational sessions at the previous HVACR Training Symposium event,
and even some unplanned break-out sessions.

The HVACR Training Symposium

Every year, Kalos Services in Clermont, FL, proudly hosts the HVACR Training Symposium, organized and presented by the HVAC School. This annual trade event is a gathering of minds from across the HVAC/R industry, coming together to share knowledge, experiences, and expertise.

The event features educational sessions led by industry leaders, covering a wide array of HVAC/R topics. Some notable speakers include TruTech's own Eric Kaiser and Bill Spohn, Allison Bailes, Trevor Matthews, Bryan Orr, Ty Branaman and many more. These sessions are designed to empower professionals in the industry with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices and the ability to take some learnings back home and implement them.

TruTech was a proud sponsor of the Virtual Live Stream of the Symposium which brings recorded content that is now accessible! For just $26, you can see every session that was presented at the 2024 Symposium. Sign up, or log in to your HVAC School account and grab your tickets. 

TruTech, along with some of the brands we sell like Inficon, Fieldpiece, JB, Refrigeration Technologies, The Energy Conservatory, and Retrotec, sets up booths around the event. Per the TruTech tradition, we bring a case of tools and let the attendees ask questions and see the latest tools and test instruments needed to perform top-quality HVAC work.  

1st Image: Eric Kaiser, Chris Hughes, and Michael Cianfrocco used the HVAC School Podcast setup for their HVAC Grapevine podcast.
2nd Image: Craig Migliaccio, AC Service Tech, hosted a demo of several internal HVAC parts, cut open to see the inner workings.

Learn from the Best in the HVACR Industry

TruTech is always thankful to have a place at the Symposium. With only 300 tickets available, seats go fast, but knowledge goes faster! A special thanks to the HVAC School and Kalos Services teams for the hard work they put into presenting such a powerful event.

Other aspects covered at the Symposium include toll and instrument selection workshops, and integrating home performance into an HVAC business. This year the focus on the representation of women in the trades took center stage, with women from across the industry addressing gender disparities and fostering a more welcoming environment for all professionals.

The concept of Better HVAC #betterhvac launched at the Symposium. Head to the link to read more about the initiative and sign the pledge!

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting in the HVACR industry, the Symposium offers a wealth of knowledge, networking, and experiences. It's an event you don't want to miss. We look forward to seeing you at the next HVAC Training Symposium.

16th Feb 2024 TruTech Tools

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