November Newsletter

November Newsletter

TruNews - November 2010

Good seeing you

On top of regular phone contact, we have been on the road the last two months and met with many of our customers.
It is exciting to hear your stories: the challenges and the successes.
Keep in touch: we offer our talents, experience and skills to help you succeed!.

Your Most Valuable Asset - What you know
TruTech Tools focuses on building your knowledge and skills. We can't help it. It's the way we're made.

Combustion 101: 2 Hours LIVE
Everything you need to perform better combustion and CO tests. Taught by leading experts.

  C-ABC (327): 45 Minutes Live
Combustion - Analyzer Boot Camp for testo 327
Live QuickStart Guide. You will feel much more at ease using your testo 327

On-Line - Blower Door Training
Developed by Retrotec- World Leaders in Blower Door Testing since 1980
Lots of good knowledge available in this self-paced format.

Blower Door and Duct Testing House Simulators
Easy to set up and use, these simulators will make any trainers job a breeze.
Ingeniously simple, these simulators make the any brand of digital manometer think it is testing a real house or duct system

Complimentary Learning Videos from Retrotec
62 YouTube videos on a vast assortment of Blower Door and duct Testing processes and procedures.
I thought they had it all covered, but they keep adding more good stuff.

The Contractor Guide to Home Performance
Expertly written and concise. Valuable for beginners and seasoned practitioners.
Used by many trainers. Bulk pricing available.

A BPI Approved Curriculum for Trainers

For the right individual.... a training business in a box!
Also good for in house training or retraining.

$200 Manufacturer's rebate on combustion analyzers + a Product +a How To LIVE Webinar
Act soon-it's all over on December 15

New Products - New Manufacturers
The Energy Conservatory - AKA. Minneapolis Blower Doors(R) and DuctBlasters(R) <- "They're finally here."
Bacharach's full line

Bookmark this page and check back frequently new offerings. If you don't see it - just ask.

Coming Soon -TruTech Calibrations and Service
Look for a separate newsletter with details.          888-224-3437

We'll see you soon...somewhere on down the road......

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