Why Combustion Test?

Benefits of proper system setup through testing

Whether working on gas, oil, coal, or wood fired appliances it is imperative to perform a combustion analysis during routine service, or any time changes are made that will affect the combustion process.  This can be as simple as adjusting an air shutter, changing gas pressure or as involved as changing an oil nozzle.  A combustion analysis is performed for five primary reasons: 


  1. To verify the safety of the appliance prior to and after service
  2. To measure the combustion efficiency of the appliance
  3. To determine the amount of pollution the appliance is producing
  4. To review operation in conformance with the manufacturer’s guidelines
  5. To assess equipment longevity/warranty issues (eg. Improper fuel pressure or airflow settings may cause excessive CO production, or burned out heat exchangers, etc.)


Combustion testing provides numerous benefits to the service technician, end user of the appliance, and the appliance manufacturer.


Combustion Testing:

Saves money

Saves time

Avoids callbacks

Limits liability

Maintains equipment warranty

Provides confidence

Provides increased comfort

Provides increased safety

Increases energy efficiency

Lowers environmental emissions (Pollutants)
25th Jul 2023 TruTech Tools, LTD

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