Bryan Orr | TruFriend of TruTech Tools

Who is Bryan Orr?

Early Days

  • Loved making audio recordings since 6 years old
  • Graduated High School at 16 and went into trade school
  • HVAC Tech at 18
  • Training manager at 20
  • Business owner at 23

What does Bryan do?

  • Technical training and tips
  • Podcasts and videos
  • Consulting businesses to grow and stand out
  • In his spare time Bryan doesn't have spare time.

Bryan Orr is the Co-Owner of Kalos Services Inc. an Orlando area HVAC contracting business as well as an audio nerd and podcaster (Host of the HVAC School Podcast) . Bryan is the Father of 10 kids and husband of a Jedi Princess. Bryan works in marketing, training, consulting primarily in areas where technical training and insights on HVACR products are concerned but also in general social and new media for businesses looking to grow and stand out.

What is HVAC School?

HVAC School is a free, online community that compiles and shares the best, most applicable HVAC/R training material they can find. They source from real technicians who work on equipment everyday to keep the content from getting stale. They publish a weekly podcast, daily tech tips, resources, quizzes, videos and more!

  • HVAC School is for anyone and everyone interested in growing in HVAC/R knowledge.
  • HVAC School is committed to helping the industry with recruitment and training. The industry needs us and we are going to rise to the occasion.
  • HVAC School will help keep Americans working doing the work we love in a country we love at the highest possible quality and with integrity.

What HVAC School Isn't

  • It is not (currently) a physical location with classes, although it likely will have that as well soon… but as a supplement for trade schools, NOT a replacement.
  • It isn't a place where we complain about the industry, brands or other techs. We work to make things better without complaining about what is wrong.
  • HVAC School is completely non-political and will only focus on the trade and making it and those who work in it better.