Chris Stephens | TruFriend of TruTech Tools

Who is Chris Stephens?

Early Days

  • Grew up with the trade
  • Worked for his father weekends or when school was out
  • Went on full time after high school
  • Started his YouTube channel in 2017

What does Chris do?

  • Creates educational service videos to share knowledge with other HVACR technicians
  • Works full time in commercial HVACR
  • Strives to contunue learning and sharing the knowledge

Chris grew up in the trade working for his father on weekends or whenever school was out. After high school he went on full time, and flash forward to November of 2017, he started a YouTube channel posting unlisted videos as a training aid for his employees. He never intended on making the videos public, but after some debate he hit the public button. The HVACR Videos project then began and he was blown away with the response and support. His goal with this project is to share the knowledge he has, in hopes to help the next guy. He strives to continue learning and be as knowledgeable as the best HVAC Techs out there.

HVACR Videos - Big Picture Diagnoses

In 2017 Chris started a YouTube channel to begin posting training videos for his employees. After some debate, he decided to make the videos public and was met with much support. The HVACR Videos project then began. His goal with this project is to share the little bit of knowledge that he has, in hopes to help the next guy.

  • Over 100K Subscribers!
  • Hundreds of hours of content
  • Tool recommendations and tips

Watch Chris on the HVACR Videos YouTube Channel