Gary McCreadie

Who is Gary McCreadie?

  • Gary McCreadie is the creator of HVAC Know It All, a multi platform way to learn, teach and entertain within a positive environment
  • Licensed refrigeration and gas technician
  • Learn more at

Early Days

  • Enrolled into an air conditioning and refrigeration course at a local college directly out of high school
  • Working as a Licensed Refrigeration Technician and Gas 1 Technician for over 20 years!
  • Started HVAC Know It All as a Facebook Page in 2016

What does Gary do?

  • Hosts the HVAC Know It All Podcast and shares his thoughts, jobs, and tools surrounding the HVAC life
  • Provides a deep dive into proper HVAC procedures via detailed videos on the HVAC Know It All YouTube Channel
  • Keeps up with various social media platforms to interact with the HVAC community

Finding himself stumped after graduating high school, Gary followed his dad's coworker's advice to start a career in HVAC. After earning his license, Gary went to work for Combined Air Mechanical in Canada. As someone without any hands-on experience, Gary often looked towards others on Facebook for help. Unfortunately, each group only seemed to care about bashing each other. So Gary decided to start his own group – and thus began the journey of HVAC Know It All.

HVAC Know It All - HVAC is not just a career, it is a way of life.

HVAC Know It All was created by Gary McCreadie, a licensed refrigeration and gas technician, with three goals in mind: Learn, Teach, and Entertain all within a positive environment. A wide array of content is available including podcasts, blogs, videos, social media posts, and now a mobile app to discuss with other technicians.

  • Over 200 Podcasts
  • 20 years of HVAC Experience
  • Now with a handy Android and iOS App!