912-M iManifold Wireless Base Probe: New Longer Range

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912-M iManifold Wireless Base Probe

New Longer Range Version

The 912-M base probe for the iManifold is used to measure line or air temperature with up to (2) plug-in thermistor temperature probes (not included).

The base probe can also function as a Zigbee repeater to increase the overall transmission distance of other wireless probes or accessories in the iManifold System.

The 912-M has a magnetic base to hold it in place while the measurement is being made.

The probe cannot be used without the iManifold (or iConnect) as the iManifold / iConnect is the communications hub for interfacing with the smart device application. A maximum of (12) probes can be connected.

Based upon requests in the commercial and large residential system market for additional wireless range, North Park Innovations has upped the game with the new IMPROVED extended range, high-power wireless 912M repeater probes for the iManifold and iConnect system.

All 912M repeater/temperature probes now ship with high-power ZigBee radios at no additional cost! Transmit up to 3.75 times the range of your existing probes with a 912M long-range bridge. Using new high-powered radios, the data from an existing mesh network can be transmitted easily over 1500 Feet (Testing was able to achieve between 1/4 and 1/3 mile) line of sight or several stories though typical commercial building materials like steel concrete and glass. By using two of the new long-range repeaters, information can be sent back forth easily in large residential homes, tough construction like plaster and wire lath, multi-story commercial buildings, and through built-up and metal roof decking. Early users of this technology are amazed at the power of the extended range probes!

The probes are completely backward compatible to all iManifold and iConnect systems and only require a free firmware update to take advantage of this powerful technology. The app update is already out. The kit requires two 912M probes as data flow is bidirectional requiring one probe at each end of the network for maximum distance. If only one is used and the iConnect or iManifold are out of range, the probes will shut down, as they will not know they are connected to the network. Additional probes can be added to further extend the range, but for most customers, two is all that will ever be needed.

You can identify the new probes, as they will be stickered "extended range" on the boxes.

These probes are not permitted to ship to the UK or Europe, as the output power exceeds to allowable by law.

If you are doing commercial, industrial or mega residential this will change the game.



  • 912-M Wireless Probe
  • (2) AA Batteries (Can also be powered by micro usb, not included)



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