Jim Bergmann

Who is Jim Bergmann?

  • Jim Bergmann is one of the original owners of TruTech Tools!
  • Co-Owner of Manifold Cloud Services
  • President of measureQuick
  • Husband and Father
  • Learn more about Jim or get in contact at

Early Days

  • Taught HVAC for 12 year at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
  • Worked as a Technical Specialist for Testo Inc.
  • Commercial HVAC/R Service Technician
  • Designed and developed the first "Smart Manifold"

What does Jim do?

  • Work nonstop
  • Creates educational content including videos (watch on YouTube)
  • Interests include drinking bourbon, app development, mega planning, educating, and determining specific volume from density

Jim has spent his career creating and sustaining both a vision and long-term goals in each job, project, or product that he has worked on. Team building, passion, relentless will, and a unique set of life experiences have been the key to achieving Jim's goals and to inspiring smart people to do fantastic things. While having a vision and long-term goals are important, being able to communicate both is really his core competency. The ability to work with anyone from the field technician, to the professional engineer, and to communicate with each at their most intimate levels has enabled him and the teams he's led to achieving great things. Jim's work as a technician, instructor, company owner, salesperson, technical writer, and design engineer have given him a depth and breadth of insights that are unique to persons in the HVAC/R industry.

What is measureQuick?

measureQuick is Measurement Science at Work! It's a comprehensive application that: collects measurements, aggregates data, diagnosis faults, analyze and educates technicians. Ever want to put Jim Bergmann in your pocket? In a way, you can. measureQuick has the diagnostic tools to find problems your technicians might miss, leaving revenue on the table and ultimately creating an eventual call back. Contractors who use the measureQuick diagnostic tool to find billable problems have found an increase of 40-60% in revenue. Start using measureQuick today!

Features & Benefits

  • Improve quality and eliminate callbacks
  • Find faults and make money
  • New equipment sales and new service contracts
  • 40-60% increased revenues per ticket
  • Increases in new market opportunities
  • Training - Scroll through an extensive video library or sign up for personalized training classes
  • Premier services available - Remote data streaming, PDF reports, Retrieve cloud data, ServiceTitan CRM Support, Unlimited Photos