measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC

  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
  • measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC
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measureQuick Tech-Efficiency Specialist (TES) Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann and TEC

A kit specially designed for the new TES job title proposed by Jim Bergmann of measureQuick

Read more about the new ARCS and TES roles in HVAC

Embodying the shift from traditional HVAC maintenance to a data-driven, efficiency-centric approach, Tech-Efficiency Specialists (TES) utilize the latest tools and technologies to ensure optimal system performance. The TES Kit with Fieldpiece, Sauermann, and TEC is custom-designed for these modern-day HVAC heroes.

Equipped with this kit, TES professionals can execute advanced diagnostics, leveraging real-time data and end-to-end system benchmarking. The integration of these tools with measureQuick's platform enables seamless CRM integration and 24/7 monitoring capabilities. This innovative approach significantly reduces reactive maintenance needs, conserving resources while enhancing customer satisfaction.

TES professionals are the data-driven future of sales and design, leveraging cutting edge software to reduce training burdens and maximize time-to-value. They play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, thus contributing to the electrification of the residential HVAC industry.

Learn more about these challenges and the corresponding opportunities HERE

Kit Includes:

Sauermann Si-CA 030 Two Gas Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit with O2, CO, Probe and Soft Case

All the essentials for combustion gas analysis

The Si-CA 030 offers everything heating engineers need to inspect and maintain residential and commercial boilers, with wireless connection to our smartphone app and automatic generation of servicing reports and certificates.


  • Up to 3 Sensors (O2 and CO included)
  • CO sensor measurement up to 8,000 ppm
  • Auto pump cut-off for high CO levels
  • Color display screen
  • Data management with automatic logging & report creation
  • Lightweight, only 12 oz
  • Draft & differential pressure measurements
  • Combustion efficiency & excess air calculations
  • Quick and easy pump On/Off control
  • Predictive maintenance with estimated sensor life & calibration reminders
  • Protective rubber holster
  • Now works with the measureQuick App!

Redfish iDVM 550 Wireless Power Clamp Meter

The Redfish iDVM 550 clamp power meter with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a hand held meter that combines both reliable and robust measurement capabilities with the connectivity to mobile devices provided by BLE. The meter provides the ability to measure AC current, AC/phase/power factor (PF), and non contact voltage (NCV).

Determine system efficiency with this professional grade Clamp Meter by measuring AC Volts, AC Amps, system kW and the power factor. Test everything from capacitors to compressors to even determining the EER on an AC system. Use App-captured data on MeasureQuick or the Supco® TechLink to discuss system operating costs on jobs.

In addition to the measurement capabilities of the meter, it also provides the following features:

  • Jaw opening 40mm/1.6"
  • Auto-ranging or manual ranging selectable
  • Automatic power shutoff after 1 minute of detected inactivity
  • True RMS
  • Inrush current measurement
  • Display backlight and clamp flashlight (while in current mode)
  • Low voltage indicator on display
  • Relative measurement
  • Reading hold function
  • Max and Min measurement
  • IP54 - ingress protection from dirt and water
  • Ability to turn off the BLE to extend battery life
  • 1 year Warranty

TEC Minneapolis Digital TrueFlow Solution Standard Kit with DG8 Manometer and All 8 Adapter Plates

Easy and fast to use in the field.

The all new Digital TrueFlow Air Handler Flow Meter provides a simple and accurate measurement of airflow through residential air handlers. The Digital TrueFlow Meter temporarily replaces the filter in the air handler distribution system during the airflow measurement process. If the filter location is directly adjacent to the air handler, the TrueFlow Meter will measure the total air handler flow. If the filter is located remotely at a central return, the TrueFlow Meter will measure airflow through the central return. The TrueFlow Meter provides direct CFM readings in 2 to 3 minutes without extensive calculations or setup. Can be used in a wide range of return plenums and air handler fan configurations. Proven to be more accurate than the single-point temperature rise method and easier than the fan curve method.

The new Digital TrueFlow features a built-in pressure gauge to allow wireless readings without the need to physically attach any tubing to the unit itself. Use your Android or iOS device to wirelessly control the Digital TrueFlow and a TEC digital gauge (model DG-8 or DG-1000) with the upcoming TrueFlow HVAC app and create detailed system reports. With the Digital TrueFlow Solution, it has never been easier to get it right!


  • Measure Air Flow and air system pressures and flows with confidence
  • Follow step-by-step process to complete analysis via free TrueFlow App
  • Collect all data from Digital TrueFlow grid and DG-8 via Bluetooth
  • Customer-friendly reports to help you explain system diagnosis

Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Charge and Air Kit

Powerful, Long Range and Easy

Take a full system snapshot quickly and easily with the JL3KH6 Charge and Air Test Kit. This kit consists of 2 pressure probes, 2 pipe clamps, and 2 psychrometers in a quick access padded case. All measurements can be sent up to 1000' away directly to your mobile device with the Job Link app. Each tool is designed for agility and speed. The pressure probes fit into tight spaces. The pipe clamps use the new Rapid Rail sensor design delivering accuracy, speed, and agility, even on the most awkward pipe configurations. The psychrometers flexible narrow probes and configurable magnet make it easy to measure supply plenums, ducts, and elevated registers. Do more with JobLink smart probes!

Wireless range of 1000'

  • Directly connects to mobile device with Job Link System App. iOS and Android compatible.
  • Fast accurate temps with new Rapid Rail technology
  • Pressures auto calibrate at any elevation
  • Configurable psychrometers with flexible probe and sliding magnet

Powerful Wireless Signal Strength

  • Up to 1000' wireless signal
  • Powerful enough to go through most walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Directly transmits to your mobile device

Rapid Rail Sensor Advantages

  • Stabilizes in under 5 seconds
  • Beeper and LED indicate accurate connection
  • The Rapid Rail sensor uses pipe to complete circuit so ambient conditions don't affect the measurement
  • Narrow jaw connects in tight spaces and on irregular pipe shapes

Reliable Pressures Regardless of Location

  • 45° angled fitting easily connects in tight spaces
  • Pressure sensors are accurate at any elevation
  • Calibrates automatically when powered on

Configurable Psychrometric Testing

  • Probes measure return and supply for grilles and registers
  • Place at multiple locations based on system requirements
  • Long flexible probe with sliding magnet for easy placement on system
  • Narrow tip fits in 3/8" holes or larger
  • Real time enthalpy and delivered BTUs

Fieldpiece Job Link Triple Manometer Kit

Do more with less clutter!

You know taking pressures from exact locations results in more precise diagnostics, so why be limited by hose length? The revolutionary new Dual Port Manometers from Fieldpiece aren't tethered by hoses, so you get readings from optimal locations on every system, every time.

Short hose length keeps things neat, and independent sensors allow for direct placement on test ports. Measure between zones without snaking a hose past the door where it can be pinched. Dial in gas pressure of a furnace. Optimize total external static pressure of equipment. Pinpoint duct leaks and restrictions. Increase comfort and do more.


  • Reliable pressure regardless of location
  • Measure real-time pressure drops
  • Find inlet and outlet gas pressures
  • Switchable P1 - P2 indicator
  • Job Link System App compatible
  • Easy zero to atmosphere
  • 1000' long-range wireless
  • Rugged metal tips
  • All-in-one static, gas, and draft pressure
  • Accurate and stable measurements
  • Measure between zones without snaking a hose under the door
  • Strong rotating magnet
  • Untethered usage
  • Individual pressure readouts give you P1, P2, and pressure differential in real-time
  • All accessories for static and gas applications included
  • Document system health in Job Link App reporting

Appion CCT14 Core Control Tool 1/4in Female to 1/4in Male

Vacuum-Rated Core Depressor Tool for 1/4in Schrader Valve Fittings

Gain maximum control when depressing a valve core! This low-loss fitting depresses valve cores with ultimate precision, perfect for accurately charging AC systems or servicing high-flow Schrader valves. Quickly connect a digital stub gauge for easy system diagnostics. The advanced back seat seal makes the core control tool perfect for gauge isolation, adding another layer of protection for your vacuum gauge.


  • Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durability
  • Double O-Ring design makes for unmatched reliability in high-pressure and a deep vacuum
  • 1/4in side port for gauge or hose connection
  • Designed for high pressure refrigerants including R410a

Why Use a Core Depressor Tool?

Core depressors are extremely useful when charging an A/C system, servicing systems with high-flow Schrader valves, isolating a vacuum gauge, and quickly diagnosing system pressures.

Are your Tools Rated for Vacuum and Pressure?

All Appion Core Control Tools are Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and designed for high-pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. This will give you the peace of mind that your tools aren't going to leak in a deep vacuum or while pressurized.

Appion CTEE14 MegaSeal Low-Loss Charging T-Fitting - 1/4" FL

Take Control of Charging a System with 1/4in Service Fittings

Use the MegaSeal Low-Loss Charging-T to help meter refrigerant during the charging process. The side port allows for easy connection of a Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge to monitor system pressures during the whole process.


  • Drastically Minimize Charge Loss - Accurately charge AC/R systems without a manifold or unnecessary hoses
  • Multifaceted Adapter for Easy System Diagnostics - Quickly check system pressure during or after the charging process

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The measureQuick App supercharges a variety of BlueTooth smart tools with rich diagnostics, data logging and reporting capabilities. Now you can see intuitive visuals informing about each job, piece of equipment, or system all in one place!

Download the measureQuick App for your Android or iOS devices

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Sauermann Si-Ca 030 Specs
Parameter Sensor Type Measuring Range Resolution Accuracy
O2 Electrochemical 0 to 25% 0.01% ±0.2% vol
CO Electrochemical 0 to 8000 ppm 1 ppm ±8 ppm < 160 ppm
±5% rdg up to 2000 ppm
±10% rdg > 2000 ppm
CO2 Calculated 0 to 99.9% 0.1% -
Flue Temperature TcK -4 to +2282 °F
-20 to +1250 °C
0.1 °F
0.1 °C
±3.6 °F or ±0.5% rdg
±2 °C or ±0.5% rdg
Air Temperature NTC or TcK -4 to +248 °F
-20 to +120 °C
0.1 °F
0.1 °C
±3.6 °F
±2 °C
Differential Temperature Calculated 0 to 2282 °F
0 to 1250 °C
0.1 °F
0.1 °C
Pressure / Draft Semiconductor -200 to +200 mbar
-80 to +80 inH2O
0.01 mbar
0.001 inH2O
±1% rdg ±0.03 mbar
±1% rdg ±0.012 inH2O
Excess Air Calculated 0 to 999% 1% -
Efficiency Calculated 0 to 100% (Gross/HHV) 0.1% -
Eficiency (Condensation) Calculated 0 to 125% (Net/LHV) 0.1% -
General Specifications
Dimensions 7.5 x 3.5 x 4.9 in (19.4 x 9.9 x 4.9 cm)
Weight 12oz (350g)
Display Color display screen; Size: 320 x 240 pixels
Keypad 5 keys
Material ABS-PC
Protection IP42
Connection - Wireless: class 2 range, range frequency from 2402 MHz to 2480 MHz
with a transmit power of 1 dBm.
Range up to 15 m (50 ft), depending on smartphone radio strength.
Minimum required versions: Android 8.0, iOS 12.4, BLE 4.0 Low Energy
Power supply Rechargeable battery, USB power supply
Li-Ion 5100 mA/h 3.6 V battery
Power supply voltage of the mains unit: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Mains unit: 5 Vdc/2A
Battery Battery life > 8 h
Charging time: Fully charge: < 6.5 h
50%: < 2.5 h
Environmental conditions of use Temperature: from -5 to 45 °C (23 to 113 °F)
Hygrometry: in non-condensing conditions (< 85% RH)
Maximum altitude: 2000 m (6561')
Storage temperature -4 to 122 °F (-20 to 50 °C)
Redfish IDVM550 Specs
Redfish Model iDVM 550 Clamp Meter
Type Single Phase Power Clamp Meter
Specifications Ranges Accuracy
DC Voltage 6V/60V/600V ±(0.5% + 5)
1000V ±(0.8% + 4)
AC Voltage 6V/60V/600V ±(0.6% + 5)
750V ±(0.8% + 4)
AC Current 60A/600A/1000A ±(2.0% + 8)
Active Power 3.6W~~750KW ±(3.0% + 5)
Apparent Power 3.6VA~~750KVA ±(3.0% + 5)
Reactive Power 3.6VAr~~750KVAr ±(3.0% + 5)
Power Factor 0.3~~1 ±(0.02% + 2)
Frequency From V&A 40~1KHz ±(0.5% + 1)
Harmonic Number: 1 ±(3.0% + 10)
Harmonic Number: 2~6 ±(3.5% + 10)
Harmonic Number: 7~8 ±(4.5% + 10)
Harmonic Number: 9~10 ±(5.0% + 10)
Harmonic Number: 11~15 ±(7.0% + 10)
Harmonic Number: 16~20 ±(10% + 10)
Resistance 600O/6kO/60kO/600kO ±(0.8% + 3)
6MO/60MO ±(2.0% + 5)
Capacitance 9.999nF/ 99.99nF/ 999.9nF/
9.999µF/ 99.99µF/ 999.9µF/
9.999mF/ 99.99mF
±(3.0% + 5)
Frequency From Hz 9.999Hz/ 99.99Hz/ 999.9Hz/
9.999KHz/ 99.99KHz/
999.9KHz/ 9.999MHz/
±(0.3% + 5)
Duty Cycle 0.1%-99.9% ±(3.0% + 3)
Functions Features
Display Counts 6000 3-3/4 digit resolution
Auto Range Yes
Manual Range Yes
Relative Range Yes
True RMS Yes
Inrush Current Yes (Current)
Diode Yes <=3V
Continuity Yes <50O
Max/MIN Yes
Data Hold Yes
Auto Power Off Yes (30 min)
Low Bat. Display Yes
Display Backlight Yes (1 min)
Worklight Yes
Lead Holder Yes
BlueTooth Yes
Housing Double Molding
Power Supply 9V
Saftey Rating CAT III 1000V
Certification CE/ ETL, rated to IEC/EN61010 Safety Standards
TEC Digital TrueFlow Grid Specs
Flow Accuracy +/- 5%
Flow Range 300 to 2500 CFM (measurable flow range)
Power Lithium-Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery 2,000 mAh
with USB-C charger/power adapter included
Battery Life Typically over 24 hours of continuous use
Auto-off 30 minutes
Digital Communication Bluetooth Low Energy, USB 2.0
Grid Dimensions 12 x 18 x 0.75 inches
Grid Weight 2.1 Lbs. (952 g)
Adapter Weight Varies by size, approximately 1.5 Lbs. (680 g)
Recommended Calibration Interval 48 months
Operating Temperature Range 32° F to 115° F (0° C to 45° C)
Storage Temperature Range Less than one month: 15° F to 115° F (-10° C to 45° C)
One month up to one year: 32° F to 77° F (0° C to 25° C)
Fieldpiece Job Link Probes Specs
Wireless Range: Up to 1000'
Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Battery: 2 x AAA (included)
Battery Life: 150 hrs typical alkaline
Auto Power Off (APO): 2 hrs (can be disabled)
Minimum Device Requirement: BLE 4.0 devices running iOS 7.0 or Android 5.0
Job Link Pressure Probe - JL3PR
Connector Type: 45° Standard 1/4" SAE
Best Accuracy: ±1 psig (±7 kPa)
Measurement Range: 0 to 580 psig (0 to 4000 kPa)
Maximum Overload: 800 psig (5500 kPa)
Water Resistant: Designed to IP55
Job Link Premium Pipe Clamp Probe - JL3PC
Pipe Compatibility: Electrically conductive 1/4" to 1 3/8" (6.4mm to 34.9mm) dia.
Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.6°C)
Measurement Range: -50°F to 257°F (-46°C to 125°C)
Stabilization Time: 3 seconds typical
Measurement Feedback: Beeper and LED
Water Resistant: Designed to IP55
Patent: Pending
Job Link Flex Psychrometer Probe - JL3RH
Flexible Probe: 0.36" (9mm) diameter, 9.25" (235mm) length
Best Accuracy: ±1°F (±0.6°C) ±2.5 %RH
Measurement Range: -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) 0 %RH to 100 %RH
Fieldpiece JL3MN Manometer Specs
Wireless Range 1000 feet (305 meters) line of sight
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Battery 2 AAA (included)
Battery Life 150 hours typical alkaline
Auto Power Off 2 hours (can be disabled)
Best Accuracy and Range inWC: ±0.02 on 0.00 to ±2.00
(±1.5% FS on 2.00 to ±60.00)

mmWC: ±0.5 on 0.0 to ±51.0
(±1.5% FS on 51.0 to ±1500.0)

mbar: ±0.05 on 0.00 to ±5.00
(±1.5% FS on 5.00 to ±150.00)

psi: ±0.001 on 0.000 to ±0.072
(±1.5% FS on 0.072 to ±2.165)

Pa: ±5 on 0 to 498
(±1.5% FS on 498 to ±14930)
Maximum Overload Pressure 305 inWC (11 psi)


Software / App

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The measureQuick App supercharges a variety of BlueTooth smart tools with rich diagnostics, data logging and reporting capabilities. Now you can see intuitive visuals informing about each job, piece of equipment, or system all in one place!

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