NAVAC NRD30M Industrial Vacuum Pump - 23 CFM

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NAVAC NRD30M Industrial Vacuum Pump - 23 CFM

Industrial grade design for heavy duty jobs. Rated for ammonia use.

Dual-stage system with ultimate vacuum down to 3 microns. The NRD30T features industrial grade design to stay fast, robust and durable.

Two-shift adjustable gas ballast valve Allows for the different requirements of condensable gas to be exhausted.

Dual automatic anti-suckback design Protects vacuum system from oil contamination in the event of an unexpected shut down.

Forced oil circulation system Ensures stables running of the pump.

Integrated cylinder structure and pin connection Convenient and accurate for maintenance and inspection.


Displacement Speed m3/h (50Hz) 30
cfm (60Hz) 21.2
Ultimate Pressure (Total) pa 4×10-1
Torr 3.0×10-3
mbar 4×10-3
Ultimate Pressure GB (Total) pa 8×10-1
Torr 6.0×10-3
Water Vapor Tolerance mbar 25
Torr 18
Water Vapor Capacity kg/h 0.6
Power Rating kw 1.1
hp 1.5
Motor Speed rpm (50Hz) 1440
rpm (60Hz) 1720
Oil Capacity litres 2
Oil Type (NPO) 68H
Inlet and Exhaust Flange KF25
Noise Level dB 58
Ambient Temperature °C 5-40
Net Weight kg 37
lbs 82
Dimensions mm 560 x 188 x 272
inch 20.5 x 7.4 x 10.7


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