About A/C Condensate Management

Overview of Condensate Management


Condensate management in HVAC/R is extremely important, as water can be very destructive when it gets to locations where it is not desired. See all products related to condensate management.

The condensate management system can be broken down into sections beginning at the equipment, and ending at the point where the condensate water is deposited into a place that won’t harm the location or equipment.

Beginning at the equipment the condensate generally has a gravity drain. Traps are typically included at the outlet of any equipment to keep air or flue gasses from passing through the condensate system and entering areas where they are not wanted.

On cooling coils there is often a secondary drain line that should be routed to a visible location or connect to a safety switch that stops system operation should a drain blockage occur.

Electronic and electrical safety switches that sense condensate backing up in blocked drains or on surfaces and temporarily disable equipment can be an integral part of a successful condensate management system.

A condensate pump is utilized to lift condensate higher when a location is not available to gravity drain the condensate.

Traps located in a building drain system are in place to keep sewer gas separate from the HVAC/R condensate drain system and prevent siphoning of the HVAC/R condensate trap. Having two traps in a drain system can be confusing, but both serve different purposes.

Ambient temperature is an important consideration when cold temperatures may occur in the area where a condensate system may pass through. Temperatures below freezing may cause the condensate to freeze and break parts of the system. This is especially prevalent when equipment is in unconditioned such as attics or rooftops.

Ambient humidity is a concern in warm/humid climates when condensate lines are in unconditioned areas. The cold condensate water from a cooling coil inside the condensate drain can cause moisture in the air to condense on the outside of the drain line and drip onto surfaces below, which can result in water damage.

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