Amprobe ACD 51NAV - 600A AC TRUE RMS Navigator Clamp

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  • Amprobe ACD51
  • Amprobe ACD51 Measuring Current
  • Amprobe ACD51 Measuring Voltage
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The Amprobe ACD 51 NAV is a new TruTech Tools favorite for electrical measurement. Perfect for HVAC and energy auditing, this meter features true-RMS, capacitance measurement, phase rotation, temperature, and power and power factor. These features make it perfect for A/C commissioning, utility program work, ACCA QI, and other program applications. Using the power measurement feature and testing air-side performance with our Air-side Performance Test Kit, field EER can quickly be calculated and changes in performance after corrections are made can be quantified. The ACD 51 NAV features a unique joystick control that allows quick selection of a full range of diagnostic capabilities, including phase sequence, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion and individual harmonics, inrush current, and low pass filter. The Amprobe Navigator Clamp Meters are ideal for electrical and HVAC technicians in commercial and industrial environments.Designed for the toughest electrical applications, these clamps can take a snapshot of harmonics and power quality issues, allowing technicians to better define why equipment may be malfunctioning and determine if more specialized tools are needed to solve the problem.The navigation system eliminates multiple and confusing push buttons, replacing them with a joystick that technicians use to select functions directly on the large, backlit display. Simply highlight the desired measurement feature using the joystick and press to select.The Amprobe Navigator Meter provides powerful troubleshooting capabilities that are quick and easy to use. The innovative joystick simplifies the user interface and allows technicians to quickly select the functions they need to spot check and verify systems before deploying more specialized tools or incurring additional costs.The rugged clamps also feature over-mold bodies to absorb shock, super bright backlit displays and built-in jaw flashlights. A deluxe carrying case is included.


  • True-RMS Measurement
  • Voltage Measurement up to 1000V ac/dc, resistance, frequency, THD (total harmonics distortion) and Individual Harmonics form 1 to 25, Power, Power Factor
  • AC Current Measurement - Up to 600A
  • Capacitance Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement in F or C - temperature adapter and probe included
  • DC micro amps
  • Phase rotation indication
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • In-rush current measurement for motors
  • Low pass filter for variable frequency drives
  • Continuity beeper
  • Min, Max and smart data hold
  • Peak hold
  • Auto torch-light when clamping
  • Large 1000 count display with active backlight and analog bar graph
  • Auto power off
  • 4 feet drop proof
  • Deluxe carrying case included
  • CAT IV 600V /CAT III 1000V Safety Standard


AC Current100.00 A, 600.0 A100.00 A, 1000.0 A+/- (1.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
DC Current__100.00 A, 600.0 A_100.00 A, 1000.0 A+/- (1.5 % rdg 
+ 5 LSD)
AC Voltage100.00 V, 1000 V+/- (1.0 % rdg 
+ 5 LSD)
DC Voltage100.00 V, 1000 V+/- (0.7 % rdg 
+ 2 LSD)
Resistance1.0000 KO, 10.00 KO, 100.00 KO+/- (1.0 % rdg 
+ 3 LSD)
Frequency20.0 Hz to 10 KHz+/- (0.5 % rdg 
+3 LSD)
Capacitance400.0 µF, 4.000 mF+/- (1.9 % rdg 
+ 8 LSD)
DCµA_1000.0 µA___+/- (1.7 % rdg 
+ 2 LSD)
Temperature_-50 °F ? 1832 °F (-50 ºC ? 1000 ºC)__-50 °F ? 1832 °F (-50 ºC ? 1000 ºC)+/- (1 % rdg 
+ 0.8 ºC)
THD (Total harmonics distortion)0.1% ? 100.0%+/- (3.0 % rdg 
+ 10 LSD)
Individual harmonics1 ? 25_
Power10 kW ? 600 kW10 kW ? 1000 kW+/- (2.5 % rdg 
+ 5 LSD)
Power factor-1.00 ? 1.00+/- 3 degrees
Accommodates conductorsUp to 1.45“ (37 mm) in diameterUp to 1.60“ (40 mm) in diameter


  • ACD-51NAV Clamp Meter
  • Test Leads
  • Temp. Adapter
  • 9V Alkaline Battery (installed)
  • Manual
  • Carrying Case



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