Appion AV760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge

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  • Appion AV760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge
  • Appion AV760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge
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Appion AV760 Wireless Vacuum Gauge

Accurate Measurement from Atmosphere to 1 micron

Accurately measure the entire evacuation process from atmosphere to 1 micron and immediately detect large leaks with the Appion AV760 Wireless Full-Range Vacuum Gauge. The AV760 delivers 10-point Vacuum-Verified accuracy, elite technology, and advanced app functionality for remote, real-time readings, enabling advanced analysis and diagnosis. Reliable. Repeatable. Durable.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Resolution Full-Range Response - Atmospheric to 15k microns are displayed in 50-micron increments, and 15k to 1 micron are displayed within an ultra-fine 1 micron resolution.
  • Oil protection - A filter screen and oil catch keep the sensors clean and help maintain accurate measurements.
  • Durable - A rubberized water-resistant IP65 rated housing protects the gauge from the hazards of the jobsite.
  • Advanced System Analysis - With the Appion Central App, the gauge is capable of live data-logging, reporting, decay testing, and more.

Full Range Vacuum Measurement is crucial to any evacuation. Other vacuum gauges begin measuring at 25,000 microns, only measuring the last 3% of the evacuation process. With the AV760 you can track the entire evacuation process. The ability to know the difference between a system leak or the presence of contaminants is invaluable when a technician is trying to quickly finish the evacuation process. This complete visibility gives you accurate, verifiable results and confidence that the job is done right.


Measuring Range 760,000 to 1 micron
Accuracy ± 5% ± 10 microns (1 to 5,000)
± 5% (5,000 to Atmosphere)
Resolution 1 micron (1-499)
5 (500-2,000)
50 (2,000 - 5,000)
250 (5,000- 15,000)
1,000 (15,000 and up)
Refresh Rate <0.5 seconds
Units Microns, mTorr, kPa, mBar, in/Hg, psia
Power 3x AA Batteries
Battery Life 120 hours (continuous usage with radio turned off)
Weight 5.9 oz (168.4 grams)
Dimensions 4.86" x 2.86" x 1.39"
(123mm x 73mm x 35mm)
Auto Power Off (APO) After 15 minutes with no change, user input, or Bluetooth activity
Warm-up 10 seconds (with self-test)
Fitting 1/4" Male Flare
Maximum Overpressure 400 psi (momentary exposure, do not leave connected under pressure)
Operating Temperature 0° to 140° F (-17.8° to 60° C)
Wireless Bluetooth, up to 100ft (30m) "line of sight"


  • (1) Full Range Measurement Wireless Vacuum Gauge
  • (1) 1/4" Female Flare Connector
  • (1) 1/4" MegaSeal Flare Cap with Strap
  • (5) Oil Catch Filters
  • (3) AA Batteries
  • (1) Owners Manual


Software / App

Download the Appion Central App for your Android or iOS devices today!

The Appion Central App enables remote, real-time viewing for all Appion Digital Gauges. Multiple, simultaneous remote readings are now possible. Easy-to-use and perfect for advanced system analysis on evolving, complex, high-efficiency systems. When the AV760 is paired with the Appion Central App™, receive remote notifications from custom alarms when readings move beyond predetermined thresholds. Active gauge readings enable real-time system evacuation leak test analysis, multiple alarms, and more. More functionality, less bulk.

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