DiversiTech DP-1 Nitrogen Adjustable Purge

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  • DiversiTech DP-1 Nitrogen Adjustable Purge
  • DiversiTech DP-1 Nitrogen Adjustable Purge
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Nitrogen Adjustable Purge DiversiTech DP-1

The Nitrogen Purge Tool is a quick and easy way to purge copper pipes with nitrogen. Then, with a turn of the dial, quickly switch to a very low flow of nitrogen to properly braze the copper. It has a durable aluminum design so you can just throw it into your tool bag when you are done.


  • Standard Fittings
    • Quickly attaches to the outlet of a standard nitrogen regulator. Set the purge tool to off, connect standard 1/4" refrigerant hoses to tool, and in seconds you are ready to purge and braze.
  • Quick Change Dial
    • The Nitrogen Purge Tool from DiversiTech has a quick and easy 3 click position dial. Quickly switch between Purge, Braze, and Off settings to get the correct amount of nitrogen flow for each one. No fumbling with a flow indicator valve. Just click to purge or braze and you are good to go.
  • 50 psi Inlet Pressure
    • Be sure you have the enough pressure to purge and braze properly. DiversiTech's Nitrogen Purge Tool is designed to operate with a 50psi inlet pressure. Maximum inlet pressure of 200psi.
  • Robust Design
    • The nitrogen purge tool from DiversiTech is designed to be tough and durable. Throw it into your tool bag. It won't break like nitrogen flow meters.



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