Fieldpiece Rapid Recovery Kit - Intermediate Level

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Fieldpiece Rapid Recovery Kit - Intermediate Level

Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine

Fieldpiece MR45 is a 1 horsepower, oil-less, lightweight recovery machine. To reduce friction the twin cylinder is ceramic that results in a longer lifespan.


  • Micro channel condenser
  • 1 hp DC motor (variable smart speed)
  • Twin cylinder compressor (oil-less)
  • Ceramic cylinder for longer life and less friction
  • Compresses more refrigerant at twice the RPMs (3,300) and twice the horsepower (1HP)
  • Water resistance to withstand direct rain
  • Large digital display with status messages

Appion MGAVCT 1/4" Standard Vacuum-Rated Valve Core Removal Tool

Core tools are one of the most important components of a proper evacuation rig. Removing the cores allows for a full unrestricted flow through the service port significantly decreasing both evacuation and or recovery times. Standard core tools are only designed to operate under pressure to allow for the replacement of leaking valve cores without the removal of the refrigerant. Appion core tools are rated for both vacuum and pressure allowing for typical service as well as faster evacuations and recovery. A side port allows for isolation of the hoses for determining the level of vacuum during the evacuation process. Engineered for vacuum, Appion core tools are the best money can buy.


  • Vacuum rated to 20 microns
  • Easily remove access valve cores for full, unrestricted flow
  • Double O-Ring ball valve seal for accurate "blank off" vacuum testing
  • 1/4" side port for vacuum gauges
  • MegaSeal cap made from aircraft-grade aluminum and molded neoprene gasket, reliably seals under pressure and vacuum
  • MegaGrip core grip tip for easy, reliable core removal, minimizing lost cores
  • Machined stainless stem that cannot separate from core tool during service
  • Appion MH380004AAY 3/8” Dia. Hose, 4-foot, 1/4”FL to 1/4”FL Yellow

    Vacuum-certified MegaFlow Hoses are ultra-flexible and ultra-reliable, with larger interior diameter for high speed recovery and evacuation.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Vacuum rated to 20 microns
    • Larger interior diameter for superior performance
    • Rated for use with R410A and all common refrigerants
    • All hoses are available in custom length, color, and fitting combinations
    • Every hose is tested and evacuated before shipping
    • Ultra-flexible for easy connections in tight spaces
    • 4000 psi burst and 800 psi working pressure for 1/4" and 3/8" hoses
    • 3200 psi burst and 640 psi working pressure for 1/2" hoses

    Larger Hoses for System Evacuation

    Even when restricted by 1/4" system ports, using a 3/8" or 1/2" hose greatly reduces resistance and increases potential flow. This is especially true during system evacuation. Just using one 1/2" hose with 1/4" fittings can result in one tenth the evacuation time compared to one 1/4" hose.

    Or look at it the other way: using 1/4" hose can make an evacuation take up to 10 times longer than when using 1/2" hoses!

    CPS CRX430T Recovery Tank 30lb 4000 PSIG

    D.O.T. approved 30lb recovery tank with ¼" SAE male fittings.

    • Water Capacity: 26.2lb / 11.9kg
    • DOT Specification: DOT04BA-400
    • Service Pressure: 400PSIG

    Appion KTF032 Filter Dryer Kit (Size 032 Filter and 12" Adapter Hose)

    For use with Appion G1 and G5 Recovery Units.

    CPS MT69 Molecular Transformator

    The MT69 is the only commercialed recovery sub-cooler manufactuered for the professional A/C & R technician. It transforms molecules of hot refrigerqnt gas into molecules of refrigerant liquid and also transforms molecules of cold refrigerant liquid into warm refrigerant gas. Use the MT69 in-line with the discharge line and any recovery machine to dramatically increase the speed of recovery.



    • (1) Fieldpiece MR45 Recovery Machine
    • (2) Appion MGAVCT 1/4" Standard Vacuum-Rated Valve Core Removal Tool
    • (3) Appion MH380004AAY 3/8” Dia. Hose, 4-foot, 1/4”FL to 1/4”FL Yellow
    • (1) CPS CRX430T Recovery Tank 30lb 4000 PSIG
    • (1) Appion KTF032 Filter Dryer Kit (Size 032 Filter and 6" Adapter Hose)
    • (1) CPS MT69 Molecular Transformator


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