SolderWeld HVAC 5% All-in-One Brazing Pack

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  • SolderWeld HVAC 5% All-in-One Brazing Pack
  • SolderWeld HVAC 5% All-in-One Brazing Pack
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HVAC 5% All-in-One Brazing Pack

The solution for every HVAC Tech and Truck

Technicians are expected to make refrigerant leak repairs in the field with several different metals and in many different situations. The Solderweld HVAC all in one is the first all in one solution for all of the common metals and applications a technician will find themselves in all properly portioned out so that they will have what they need in quantities that make sense. With this one kit a tech can make repairs and connections with, copper, aluminum, brass, steel and more in real field conditions.

The kit contains:

  • 5% Silver / Phosphorus Alloy for everyday copper to copper connection
  • 56% silver flux coated alloy for connections to Steel and Brass and other high-temperature alloys
  • AlloySol aluminum repair rods for repairing aluminum tubing and coils
  • AlloySol flux for use with the AlloySol rods to ensure a great bond even when the aluminum isn't perfectly clean
  • AlCop rod for bonding aluminum and copper tubing in the field
  • SolderWeld Orange Brazing Rod canister is water and airtight to protect the rods and flux from the elements
  • Cleaning brush for pre-cleaning or removing excess flux after soldering
  • SolderWeld lanyard so the whole kit can be hung up in the service vehicle



  • (1) HVAC 5% All-in-One Brazing Pack
    • (1) Alloy Sol - Aluminum Repair and Joining 5 Rod Pack
    • (1) Alloy Sol Flux - 1oz Jar
    • (1) Al-Cop Braze - Aluminum to Copper Brazing 5 Rod Pack
    • (1) Sil Sol Premium 56% Silver Solder 2 Rod Pack
    • (1) Sil Sol Premium 5% Silver Phosphorous Brazing Rods ½ lb Pack
    • (1) Stainless Steel Wire Brush
    • (1) Orange, Air Tight/Water Tight Carrying Canister



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