AirThings Corentium Home Model - Digital Radon Detector

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  • AirThings Corentium Home Model - Digital Radon Detector
  • AirThings Corentium Home Model - Digital Radon Detector
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AirThings Corentium Home Model - Digital Radon Detector

A state-of-the-art measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance.

The Corentium radon monitor allows you to take a reading of the radon levels and its LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly and long term concentrations. Powered by 3 standard AAA batteries, the monitor makes it easy to take measurements from one room to another in order to get an overview of the concentrations of radon in a home, workplace, school, a daycare centre or any other location. The Corentium radon monitor is also an essential tool to use when performing property inspections or when checking the operation of a radon mitigation system.

The internal architecture of the Corentium monitor comes from advanced technology. Particular attention has been paid to the quality and protection of the internal components, allowing the use of algorithms for signal analysis that are more sophisticated. The Corentium monitor quickly adapts to its environment and eliminates inaccuracies related to external factors, allowing it to obtain the best accuracy in its niche.

The Corentium monitor is guaranteed for one year and in normal home use, it requires no annual calibrations throughout its useful life, estimated at over 10 years.

Quick Start:

  1. Insert batteries and the measurement indication in upper right corner should start to blink
  2. Place your Corentium at the correct location:
    • The monitor should be lying flat with the display facing up. The monitor should not be hanging or standing
    • The monitor should not be exposed to sunlight
    • The monitor should be placed at least 25 cm away from nearest wall, at least 50 cm above the floor and least 150 cm from nearest door, window or ventilation inlet/outlet
  3. Measure for minimum 7 days in the mostly used rooms, for instance:
    • Living rooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Rooms with ground contact


  • Portable
  • Large LCD display
  • Robust
  • EMI proof
  • Accurate


  • Accuracy (±5%) (plus or minus 0.14 pCi/L)
  • Precision (at 2.7 pCi/L): Short term (7 days): 80+% after 1 week, Long term: 90+% after 1 month
  • LCD display short term 1 day and 7 days, and long term 1 year average
  • Radon Gas Sampling Method: Passive radon diffusion chamber
  • Radon Gas Detection Method: Alpha spectrometry using digital detector technology
  • Readout in pCi/L
  • Designed in Europe, and tested in Japan
  • Unaffected by humidity, electromagnetic interference and dust
  • Not universally accepted in Real Estate Transactions



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