Retrotec US440x Commercial DucTester with DM32X Digital Gauge Package

  • Retrotec US440x Commercial DucTester with DM32X Digital Gauge Package
  • Retrotec US440x Commercial DucTester with DM32X Digital Gauge Package
  • Retrotec US440x Commercial DucTester with DM32X Digital Gauge Package
Price: $5,450.00


Retrotec US440x Commercial DucTester with DM32X Digital Gauge Package

Highest pressure, super lightweight US commercial duct tester.

A Complete Game Changer

The 440x includes even more improvements from the former Model 400. Mount your DM32X WiFi Gauge directly onto the shell for easy accessibility. A new foot design allows for a secure, sturdy base. It also includes the newly released, industry changing DM32X gauge.

Measure duct leakage in commercial systems up to 295 CFM at 8 inches Water Column (in WC) with the first truly lightweight (20 lb) handheld commercial DucTester.

With 1700 Watts of power available, any comparable commercial duct tester will weigh 120 lb or more. A first in the industry, the DucTester also comes a touchscreen pressure gauge which will display results to any standard such as CFM/100 square feet. A series of Quick Change orifice plates are included with the DucTester that allows you to test right down to 7 CFM.

Results in any desirable unit such as CFM/ 100 square feet is read directly off the gauge. Or, use the test to complete and automated test then have the software generate a SMACNA compliant report that can be easily customized with your format, logos and even pictures of the test. Users love the set up and test speed.

Eliminate the need for two techs to perform the test. Carry it to the test site over your shoulder. Get instant results. You can even operate it wirelessly while you inspect the seals for leaks using the WiFi feature. ISO 17025 accredited calibration is an industry first as is every feature of the biggest advance in Commercial duct testing in 50 years.

Who uses it?

Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, Building Contractors & Remodelers, Home Inspectors


  Flow Into Back Pressure of: CFM liters/sec m3/h
Maximum Flow at 120 or 230 VAC: 1 in WC (250 Pa) 306 144 0.144
4 in WC (1000 Pa) 302 143 0.143
8 in WC (2000 Pa) 295 140 0.14
Minimum Flow with std Range 18: 1 in WC (250 Pa) 7.1 12 0.00333
Minimum Flow (with opt Range 3): 0.31 0.52 0.00014
Dimensions 14" × 14" × 26" (35 x 35 x 66 cm)
Weight of System: 21 lb (9.5 kg)
Flow Accuracy +/-5%
Power input: 120 V AC, 15.5 A, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase or
240 V AC, 8.5 A, 50/60 Hz 1 phase
Recommended Fan Calibration Interval: 5 years
Digital Gauge Model DM32X


  • (1) DM32X Digital Gauge Package
  • Each package contains:

    • (1) DM32X Digital Gauge
    • (1) USB Cable, 6' (1.8 m)
    • (1) Cat5 Cable, 7' (2 m) Blue
    • (1) DM32X USB Charging Module
    • (1) Gauge Case
    • (1) Gauge Calibration Verification Report
  • (1) 400 Series Fan Set
    • 400 Series Fan
    • DC Power Supply for 400 Series Fan
    • 400 Series Fan Power Cord With Plug Style for your country
    • Control Panel for 400 Series Fan
    • End Plate 300 - Range 102
    • Single Point Verification of Fan
    • System Calibration Report
  • (1) 440/450 DucTester Set of Range Plugs
    • 4" Plug - Range 74
    • 4" Plug - Range 47
    • 4" Plug - Range 29
    • 4" Plug - Range 18
  • (1) 440 Commercial DucTester Accessory Kit
    • Large Deluxe Tool Case
    • 4" Wide Flex Duct for DucTester 12' long (3 m)
    • 4" (100 mm.) Duct Connection Flange
    • 8" x 8" (200 x 200 mm.) Duct Connecting Plate
  • (1) DucTester Tubing Kit
  • (1) Umbilical for DucTester, 7 ft (2 m)
  • (1) Quick Connect Collar

Software / App

Download the Retrotec rCloud App for your Android or iOS devices today!

Google Play Store Apple App Store

The rCloud app runs the equipment over a WiFi connection or iDevice hotspot. It is used to run industry specified tests, and then saves the results of the tests locally on the device and to a backend database in the cloud via Azure. The tests are not accessible for editing by the user once they are saved (local databases are encrypted). The completed tests can be viewed immediately on the App and also on the rCloud website once they are uploaded to the backend database.

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