TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System: 3-Fan System (with DG-1000s)

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
  • TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System: 3-Fan System (with DG-1000s)
  • TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System: 3-Fan System (with DG-1000s)
Price: $12,997.00


TEC Minneapolis Blower Door System: 3-Fan System (with DG-1000s)

Three-fan kit includes:

  • Three Model 3 (110V) fans with Variable Speed Controllers and Flow Rings A and B
  • Three DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauges with mounting boards
  • Adjustable Aluminum Frame with three cross-bars and carrying case (max height 96?, max width 48?)
  • One Nylon Panel for door opening (one commercial triple hole panel)
  • Two Accessory Cases to hold gauges, manual, tubing and other items
  • TECTITE Express and TECLOG3 Software

The Minneapolis Blower Door System is available in multi-fan systems when testing commercial buildings in accordance with the Army Corps Standard, NEBB Standard or other protocols.

New for the DG-1000

  • All DG-1000 have a 4-year calibration cycle
  • All new DG-1000 (since Nov 21) have a USB-C port (for charging and communication) replacing the barrel jack charger and Micro-USB port
  • With firmware upgrade DG-1000 can be a stand-alone pressure logger
  • Download the New Auto Wind Test App





Software / App

Download the TEC Gauge App for your Android or iOS devices!

Google Play Store Apple App Store

TEC Gauge is a free mobile app that provides wireless control and display of DG-1000, DG-700 and DG-500 Pressure and Flow Gauges. TEC Gauge’s capture feature lets you store and share readings from your gauge.

This app connects to the gauge through a WiFi network (DG-700 and DG-500 gauges require a TEC WiFi Link).

Features Easy to use cruise control for the blower door fan and Duct Blaster fan. Baseline feature for airtightness evaluation. Displays airflow values for all TEC devices.

Capture feature allows for storage and sharing of readings from the TEC gauge. Captured readings can be labeled, sorted and sharing using file sharing apps on the mobile device. Capture readings can be shared in either text or xml formats.

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