Testo 835 Pro Series Infrared Standard Temperature Thermometer T1

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0560 8351
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  • Testo 835 T1
  • Testo 835 Pro Series Infrared Standard Temperature Thermometer T1
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Testo 835 Pro Series Infrared Thermometer T1

The Testo 835 excels in virtually all sectors of trade and industry including monitoring wall temperature and humidity, inspecting air conditioning and ventilation systems, the maintenance of industrial systems or the quality control of industrially manufactured products. Testo infrared measuring technology, which delivers first-class results even at great distance, is particularly helpful when monitoring the temperature of objects that are small, moving, difficult to access or extremely hot. The many features increase the room for maneuver, for example in the building trade when carrying out surface moisture measurement via infrared, or in the metal, glass and ceramics industry when measuring temperatures up to 1112 °F. So you can be certain of having everything under control and of safeguarding your standards of quality at all times. Advantages of the testo 835 series are:

  • No measuring errors thanks to focused optics (16' distance = 4" measurement spot)
  • Save measurement data on-site and subsequently analyze the data on PC
  • Convenient menu guidance with icons and joystick
  • Measuring value and location memory, and data analysis on the PC


Technical data

  • Storage temperature -30 to +50 °C
  • Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
  • Dimensions 193 x 166 x 63 mm


  • Measuring range -30 to +600 °C
  • Accuracy ±2.5 °C (-30.0 to -20.1 °C )
    ±1.5 °C (-20.0 to -0.1 °C )
    ±1.0 °C (+0.0 to +99.9 °C )
    ±1% of rdg. (remaining range )
  • Resolution 0.1 °C<

Type K

  • Measuring range -50 to +600 °C
  • Accuracy ±(-0.5 °C +0.5% of rdg.)
  • Resolution 0.1 °C



Software / App

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