Route Shipping and Package Protection FAQ

Route Package & Shipping Protection at

TruTech Tools offers Route Shipping Protection at checkout for all orders placed online at

What is Route?
Route is a package insurance service that TruTech offers on all online orders at the checkout to protect your order and packages from loss, damage, or theft.

How does Route work?
In the unfortunate case that your order never arrives or the contents are damaged upon arrival, you can easily file a shipping issue with Route and receive a replacement or refund.
Route can be added to your order at the checkout page in this Shipping information area.

Why does TruTech offer Route?
We understand that things happen and shipping carriers are not perfect. Route helps TruTech offer a seamless and very quick route for our customers in case there are issues in the shipping of their orders.

Why would I add Route to my order?
Adding Route to your order offers a layer of protection to ensure peace of mind during the shipping process. By choosing Route, you're securing protection for your purchase against common issues such as shipping damage, theft, or misdeliveries. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong with your shipment, Route facilitates a straightforward process to file a claim, enabling you to either receive a refund or a replacement quickly and efficiently. This added protection minimizes the hassle and worry associated with the uncertainties of online shopping, ensuring a more secure and satisfying shopping experience.

What do I do if my package is lost/stolen/damaged and I purchased Route?
1. File a Claim: Visit the Route Claims portal to start the claims process. You'll need your order number and email address associated with the purchase. You can visit or download the Route App on iOS or Android
2. Provide Details: Fill out the claim form with detailed information about your order and the issue (lost, stolen, or damaged). Include any relevant photos if the claim is for damaged goods.
3. Submit the Claim: Review your information for accuracy and submit the claim. Route's team will review the details to ensure they meet their policy conditions.
4. Follow-up: Once submitted, you can track the status of your claim through the Route portal. Route typically processes claims quickly, often within a few days.
5. Resolution: If your claim is approved, Route will either refund the cost of the item or replace it, depending on the situation and your preference.

What do I do if my package is lost/stolen/damaged and I did NOT purchase Route?
Please contact TruTech Tools directly via the steps on our Returns page.


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