Supco SB100 Shaft Blaster

  • Supco SB100 Shaft Blaster
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The Must-Have HVAC Tool: Cuts Motor Shafts in Seconds!

Time is money in the HVAC business. Too much of both are lost during motor replacements in a squirrel cage blower.

A motor shaft that extends too far or is stuck on the hub makes removing the blower motor from the squirrel cage a frustrating battle. The shaft must be cut, and that's not easy within the confined space inside the blower wheel. It can take long, tedious minutes or even hours to cut the shaft without damaging the wheel.

The Shaft Blaster solves this problem. It safely cuts motor shafts in squirrel cage blowers and condenser fans in about 20 seconds—compared to about 45 minutes using the old methods!

The Shaft Blaster cuts 5/8" and smaller shafts.


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