Supco ZPB140 Port-A-Blaster Coil Cleaning Machine

  • Supco ZPB140 Port-A-Blaster Coil Cleaning Machine
  • Supco ZPB140 Port-A-Blaster Coil Cleaning Machine
  • Supco ZPB140 Port-A-Blaster Coil Cleaning Machine
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Supco ZPB140 Port-A-Blaster Coil Cleaning Machine

A truly portable way to clean coils like a pro!

Blast dirt from evaporator and condenser coils with this 11lb portable powerhouse. The Port-A-Blaster Pressure Washer is designed to clean air conditioning and refrigeration coils. It is designed with a low pressure setting for indoor evaporator coils and a high pressure setting for outdoor condenser coils. It is lightweight, ruggedly built, reliable, self-priming and easy to use and carry. All accessories (trigger sprayer, wand/nozzle, and hoses) are conveniently stored in an on-board compartment. The pump cuts off with the pressure control.

Product Features

  • Two pressure settings for mini-split indoor coils and outdoor coils
  • Includes durable quick-connect hoses, wand, and trigger sprayer
  • Back of unit on-board storage cabinet for all accessories
  • Durable construction and rugged housing
  • Volts 120VAC, Watts 80W
  • Max Pressure 140 PSI

Operation Instructions

  1. For professional use, for cleaning air conditioning & refrigeration coils.
  2. Make sure all components are in working order and that suction screen / filter is clear.
  3. Connect sprayer outlet hose quick connect fitting to the fitting marked "OUT" on the unit.
  4. Connect the quick connect fitting of the suction / inlet hose to the fitting marked "IN" on the unit
  5. Place the suction / filter end of the suction hose into a container with water or non-corrosive coil cleaning detergent solution.
  6. Make sure all quick connect fittings are securely attached.
  7. Turn Power on and choose "INDOOR" (low pressure) or "OUTDOOR" (high pressure). Squeeze trigger to activate pump. Pump will discharge as it primes.
  8. The adjustable nozzle can be turned to vary the spray pattern from a narrow jet to a fan jet. Don not turn the nozzle too far as it will unscrew from the wand.
  9. IMPORTANT! Run clean water through the pump after each use if you were using a coil cleaning detergent. This will rinse the pump of chemicals and increase life of pump.
  10. Be sure to turn off unit and discharge pressure by squeezing the nozzle, before disconnecting the quick connect fittings.
  11. Disconnect hoses and break down trigger sprayer wand to store all accessories in the on-board compartment.


Flow Rate .25 GPM
Volts 120 VAC
Watts 80 W
Max Pressure 140 PSI
Product Dimensions 12" x 7" x 11.5"
Weight 11 lbs
Warranty 1-Year


  • (1) Port-A-Blaster Pump
  • (1) Trigger Sprayer with Wand and Nozzle
  • (1) 16' Sprayer Outlet Hose with Quick Connect Fittings
  • (1) 5' Suction Inlet Hose



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