UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer

  • UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer
  • UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer
  • UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer
MSRP: $1,699.00
Price: $1,444.15
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UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer

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The KANE958 has a protective rubber cover with magnets for "hands-free" operation and is supplied with a flue probe with integral temperature sensor. The KANE958 has a low flow detector system to switch off the Analyzer pump if it detects water entering from an over filled water trap. The KANE958 has a large 6 line display showing data and test results based on your actions. The display bottom line also highlights Analyzer status at all times. The KANE958 prints test results using an optional infrared printer or wirelessly sends them to the KANE wireless APP. The KANE958 stores up to 45 logs of any combination of Combustion, AUX, Temperature & Pressure test results.

Product Features & Functions:

  • Up to 10 Year warranty with annual recertification
  • Eligible for UEi Service+
  • LINK capability to wireless probes
  • 6 line backlit display
  • Over range protection pump
  • NOx filtered & H2 Compensated CO sensor
  • Low Flow Detection
  • Measures: CO, CO2, Differential Pressure, Flue and Inlet Temperature
  • Calculates: Differential Temperature, Efficiency (Net, Gross), Excess Air
  • Protective water trap
  • Protective boot with built-in magnet



  • (1) UEI KANE958 Industrial Combustion Analyzer
  • (1) Flue Probe - High Temperature PTFE (CP2T)
  • (1) Rechargeable Batteries, 3 (AA)
  • (1) USB Charging Cable (AACA5)
  • (1) Pressure Tubing
  • (1) Inlet Connectors Red, 2 (SM11105)
  • (1) Inlet Connectors Black, 2 (SM11103)
  • (1) Particle Filter, Spare (17631)
  • (1) Water trap plug replacement (CM11667/2)
  • (1) UEi Tool Backpack (AC550))
  • (1) Manual


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