Kele FXP-6 Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensor - 6"

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  • Kele FXP-6 Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensor - 6"
  • Kele FXP-6 Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensor - 6"
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Kele FXP-6 Differential Pressure Air Velocity Sensor

The Kele FXP Series probe is a differential air pressure sensor designed to measure air velocities in HVAC ductwork. It uses multiple sensing points to measure total and static pressures and incorporates a unique design to amplify the differential pressure by approximately 2.5 times for accurate measurement of air velocities down to 200 fpm. It is easy to install and cost effective.


  • Ideal for RESNET airflow testing
  • Simple installation, requires 1" dia hole
  • Rugged, extruded aluminum construction
  • Double taps allow field check connections
  • Three-to-one ratio pressure signals
  • Adaptable to round, square, or oval ducts
  • 1/4" barbs for 3/8" OD tubing
  • One year warranty

Best Practices:

  1. Check that the FXP probe size corresponds with the diameter of duct where you are testing.
  2. The FXP probe is mounted in the duct by drilling a 1" diameter hole.
  3. Check that the air flow direction in the duct corresponds with the arrow on the FXP probe.
  4. For round Ducts: Install the FXP probe at 45 degrees with respect to the horizontal. This equalizes the approach of air to the probe from nearby duct dimensional changes or air direction changes from both horizontal and vertical duct runs.
  5. Be sure you are measuring in a smooth, straight, round duct, (eg NOT spiral or flex duct)
  6. Measure at least 2 duct diameters away from the start of the straight section
  7. Use the correct equation and probe specific Kv factor, you CANNOT use a Pitot Tube equation
  8. While measuring make a good tight seal between the probe and the duct
  9. Tightly seal the hole you made after measurement is complete
Use this FREE online calculator we developed to bypass doing the math: LINK




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