TEC Minneapolis Duct Blaster Ring 4

Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Price: $137.00


TEC Duct Blaster Ring 4

For the Minneapolis Duct Blaster Fan (Series) B

Ring 4 is an optional Flow Ring for the Series B Duct Blaster fan used to measure very low air flows. Ring 4 has flow range of approximately 2.4 to 25 cfm. To install Ring 4, place the flat side of the ring against the inlet of the fan so the outer edges of the ring roughly line up with the outer edge of the inlet flange on the fan. Secure the outer edge of the ring and the fan flange together by pushing the black connecting trim over both edges all the way around the fan.

When using Ring 4, always use the pressure tap mounted on the Ring 4 to connect the fan to the Channel B Input tap on your gauge (rather than the pressure tap on the fan housing.

Determining Ring 4 Flow Rates

Flow rates can be displayed using various TEC software/apps including the iTEC-700 mobile app, TECTITE and TECLOG3.


Calibration Parameters for Ring 4

Flow (cfm) = C x (fan pressure in Pa) n
Where; C = 1.064, n = 0.502

Flow Range: 2.4 cfm to 25.0 cfm
Minimum Fan Pressure: 5 Pascals
Maximum Back Pressure: 100 Pascals 
Accuracy: +/- 1 cfm




Software / App

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