SpeedClean Dry Steam HVAC Coil Cleaner

  • SpeedClean Dry Steam HVAC Coil Cleaner
  • SpeedClean Dry Steam HVAC Coil Cleaner
  • SpeedClean Dry Steam HVAC Coil Cleaner
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SpeedClean Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner

Harness the power of steam!

The SC-VSC-7000 steam cleaner is your answer to cleaning dirty, greasy coils and other surfaces without harsh, damaging chemicals. It works excellent on air handlers, mini-splits, condensers, exhaust vents, oily commercial kitchen ducts and more. The power of steam combined with 65 psi pressure goes deep into coils, cracks, and crevices, lifting and removing stubborn dirt and soils. The portable unit is lightweight and comes complete with a hose and full accessory kit to clean even the toughest to reach areas. Take it anywhere on the job site and let the incredible cleaning power of steam obliterate grease, and grime quickly and easily. It also kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other microorganisms on contact leaving coils and other surfaces clean and sparkling!

Steam is an incredible, natural cleaning and sanitizing agent. It removes grease, oils, dirt and bacteria, all without one drop of a chemical. Dry steam takes it one step further. It’s superheated water vapor that contains only 10% moisture or less at 235-degree temperature. This means that surfaces are cleaned, and sanitized with very little water residue remaining.


  • Quickly clean and sanitize surfaces
  • Removes oils, grease, and dirt
  • Use on coils and other areas
  • Uses no chemicals
  • Full accessory kit – Cleans variety of surfaces
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stainless steel boiler – Quality construction
  • Easy-fill tank – Quick refills
  • Uses superheated dry steam


Dimensions 13" x 13" x 19"
Weight 15.6 lbs
Steam flow regulation Yes, manual
Output pressure 65 PSI
Steam production 0.43 gallon/hr
Boiler capacity 0.7 gallons
Max temperature 235° Fahrenheit
Voltage 13.5 AMPS, 115 V, 60Hz, AC, 1550 Watts


  • (1) SpeedClean Dry Steam Coil & Surface Cleaner
  • (1) Complete Accessory Kit



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